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Box hair color gone wrong, teenager comes in for fixing

Brielle is an adorable teenager that is yearning for more excitement in her hair.

Indulge Salon york pa, red auburn hair

Brielle Carbaugh came into salon with spotty colors trying to color her own hair and left with beautiful dimensional auburn reddish brown hair from Indulge salon

She is a good student but tired of her hair color. She and her grandmother went shopping and while out Brielle is ready for her adventure and picks up some red violet shaded hair color that appeals to her on a “box”. She applies her color, unbeknownst to mom, to discover it didn’t cover everywhere and it faded. Mom comes home to discover her NEW transformed Brielle!

I happen to know Brielle’s mother whom is delightful and cool. Mom decides they needed to get her new hair color fixed. They pop in to see me at our South George Street location to see what could be done. 

Indulge Salon york pa, red auburn hair

Brielle had uneven color application with spotty results

Step 1. We started with analyzing her hair to see what we should do first. As you can see she had some highlights from a previous color that were peeking out along with faded out red violet colors that were intermingled along the hair shaft. She had some natural hair color at the scalp too. To make our color challenge even more exciting, we had to look at the health of her hair which effects the end result.

Indulge Salon york pa, red auburn hair

Phase 2 – filling her hair

Step 2.  We were contemplating removing all color off the hair which could have caused more maintenance. Instead we strategically evened out the color which was not easy to do. As you can see we had several staff members helping us. Working with hair color correction can be challenging because of the previous color, water influences, product buildup and especially how the hair is maintained.

Step 3. We weren’t satisfied with the quality of the how the hair absorbed the haircolor. We had to reapply the color to fill the hair to get an even fabric so to speak. We were pretty happy with the 2nd application of color tone we added.

Indulge Salon york pa, red auburn hair

Phase 3 second filler application

As you can see, the results were much better and the hair is even as best we could while keeping her hair in good condition. If you are reading this, you have to understand we are working with so many elements in the hair that we have to make decisions based on hair texture, quality of the hair, porosity (ability to take in moisture and hold it) vitamins, well water and anything else that is taken inside the body which can coat the hair preventing the hair color to absorb. Sometimes the hair will not take anymore color into it. Hair color correction takes time and is not a quick fix usually especially if you want your hair to look natural.

Step 4. We felt that we needed to have a more natural look to her hair by adding some darker auburn without what we call “browning” it out. This ended up being beautiful with the BLURRING of color technique that appears to blend the hair. This technique allowed our newly transformed Brielle to let her hair fade naturally without damaging her hair and keeping it from turning that ugly orange color that can happen when the hair is not properly cared for. This actually happens by many clients more often than not. Even so, looking at the photo of her phase 3, she still has a beautiful shine to it. As you can see the “after” photos are just gorgeous from root to ends with a healthy shine and gloss to the hair. All of this was done with safe deposit only color that actually gives her hair more protein without the weight.

Indulge Salon york pa, red auburn hair

Brielle After result

Thank you Brielle for trusting the staff at Indulge Salon. We appreciate you and we are sure you will get lots of compliments from your friends.

If you or anyone you know has struggled to get rid of brassy color or over highlighted hair or just not the  right color for their skin, CALL us 717.846.4424 We are experienced experts in hair color correction or should I say color restoration!

Look at the background, Mom is in the back proudly being with her beautiful daughter.

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