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Itchy scalp after hair color service? Try Indulge Salon

Close your eyes to envision this scenario. You are having your hair colored today and you are so excited about your little vacation away from everyone in town only its at your hair salon.

You pop in to have a quick touch up, you change, you sit and talk, color is applied, they let you process. All of a sudden you were feeling confident at first at your salon but you were getting a little itchy. this doesn’t happen to everyone but when it does happen to you, you feel it. You are looking around quickly for a tail comb to itch that spot on your head. Where is that comb?  I know, I’ve been there. Aah relief!

Indulge Salon York Pa Innosense model

Wella Innosense red head dimensional hair color model featured at Indulge Salon, York Pa

You see, Wella USA has 1000 PHD’s on staff to provide research and develop new products. Wella worked on this Color line called Innosense. A new molecule was created to counteract the Tcell molecule that causes and allergy to haircolor. This primarily happens with darker shades. We have it at the salon and used it on one of my personal clients and now she couldn’t even tell she had color on her scalp to cover gray. She didn’t even ask me for a comb!!!

If you want to have a relaxing hair color service without reaching for a comb to itch, then you have found the right place at Indulge Salon, York Pa. Our phone number is 717.8464424 or go to to find a location nearest you. Ask for Innosense by Wella, a revolutionary new haircolor that you must try.

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