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Indulge Salon Staff celebrates together

I LOVE this picture of some of our Indulge Salon staff. This just shows you how much fun our girls enjoy being together. You know life is short and if you don’t share fun times together by being together then it just isn’t worth it.

Indulge Salon Staff getting together at Heritage Hills

Tracy Behke, Melissa McFadden, and Chasta Strouse staff at Indulge Salon getting together

Learn to celebrate working with people instead of just expecting others to make you happy. Each of our staff members bring a uniqueness to the team. The manager in the center of the fun makes sure that each of our girls on South George Street enjoy coming to work. You will always hear her planning a get together or next thing you know she is bringing in cupcakes with fabulous frosting with sprinkles! Who wouldn’t want to enjoy working in this environement? Or cinnamon gummy fish that find there way into your mouth in the back room. The team enjoys being together with all locations from East Market Street too! Being close is about depending on each other for the good and the not so good days.

I hope you are as fortunate as I am to have an amazing staff like this.

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