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Rainbow pink, green, blue, purple, and silver|Indulge Salon

This has been the most exciting year for haircolor to express one’s creative self. I have been faced with many “interesting” haircolor possibilities. red violet with purple hair color

You know I was raised to believe that when someone had red hair or goth hair that they were considered lower or insignificant when I was in high school. As I grew older and actually have been in the business experiencing the amazing intellectual creative people expressing themselves with haircolor as an accessory. Truly I am sorry for the ignorance of the older generation that were told the same thing.

I LOVE doing creative highlights and lowlights with purples in lavender and deep purple. I love creating the most interesting blue reds, hot pink with splashes of blue. Be whomever youwant to be and certainly feel free to express yourself with haircolor that is changeable like you!

blue and green highlights

blue and green highlights, pink hair Indulge salon york pa

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