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Leaving a job should be bittersweet

Handing in your resignation letter is uncomfortable.Salon York PA

Let’s face it-You’ve planned it now for weeks, thought about what you were going to say, how you were going to say it, and even thought about a few “Office Space” walk out scenarios. The big day finally arrives, and it. Resigning from a position should feel, taste, and breathe bittersweet. It means you actually cared about what you did. You may have even had a passion for it. It means, although you may have had a love/hate relationship with your job, you still cared about your position.

It’s always sad leaving a job that you care for, but the thing to remember is that there is more to look forward to. There are doors wide open, and sometimes smacking us in the face, for opportunity. I think that we often look for a job that is “in our skill range,” and we aren’t open to opportunities that may challenge us. Don’t fear opportunity or the chance to expand your skills.

When the day calls for you to close the door to an old job, keep your spirits high knowing that your future holds something good, something new, something that will only help you to grow as an individual. Hopefully, it will mean an increase in your earnings as well! One can hope, right?!

Embrace the bittersweet resignation. Reminisce. Move Forward.

Live your life…Full Throttle..

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