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Shut out the “little voice”

Salon York PA So I was flipping through the channels the other day, and stopped on the widely known America’s Next Top Model. I don’t watch it regularly so I have no idea what cycle it was, but it was interesting and quite insightful.

They had this drama coach on there who was teaching the girls about bringing out themselves (the inner self). They were supposed to do an exercise where they were given a pad of paper, and told to draw a picture of the little voice inside them that always said why they weren’t good enough, why they couldn’t do things, etc…You get the idea. Each of the girls drew the little voice inside their heads, and then the drama coach asked them to confront the picture while the coach held the picture. The coach would then act as the “little voice”, telling each girl that they weren’t good enough, weren’t able to model, and the girls would respond with “Yes, I am good enough…I am strong.”

Watching this exercise made me really think about all the times that “little voice” talks to me all the time. How many times do you listen to that voice in your head? How many times you let that voice talk you out of doing something, or encouraging you to do something you absolutely know is wrong. Why does that voice always show up and make you do the wrong instead of the right? When are we going to start listening to our “gut feeling” instead? We should be pumping ourselves up instead of listening to a voice that is always negative. We let our little voice put fear in us, and then we become afraid to do things that may challenge us and make us stronger in the end.

My point? Start ignoring that little voice and begin believing in that little angel on your shoulder-You know, the one encouraging you to go for things, reach past your comfort border.

Live life. Love life. Enjoy life.

Live your life…Full Throttle..

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