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Full Throttle Life: Flat Stomach Plan of Attack

We know what you’re thinking…I’ve got to get in shape; I’ve got to get that flat stomach I’ve been attempting to pull off.

Salon York PA Here’s the trick: You must be strictly watching your consumption of food, be consistent with your workout schedule, and be willing to modify your routine.

First Thing’s First: I can’t stress enough how important it is to be strict about your diet. Make a plan of attack for each day (or the whole week!). Balance out your meals with plenty of protein, salads (minimal vinaigrette dressing), and vegetables. Remember that fruits have a lot of sugar in them so keep those to a minimum as well. Make sure you’re eating enough because you’ll need the energy for your tough workouts.

Secondly: Be completely consistent to your workout schedule. If you plan to go to gym in the morning before work go at the time you set your alarm for. If you plan to go at night after work, pack your gym bag with all the essentials the day before and put it in your car. If you are going to do “two-a-days” (working out twice a day), then stick to it. Whatever time or times of day you plan on working out, then really do it. Don’t let that voice in your head that wants you to fail talk you out of your routine. The hardest part is usually getting to the gym, but once you’re there, and you start workin’ it, that angel on your shoulder usually kicks in with encouragement. Sometimes, it helps to create a calendar and X-off the days that you go. It gives you a visual countdown to your goal date.

Last, but Not Least: Modify. Modify. Modify. Switch it up. Every two weeks you should be switching up your routine. If you’re always working with weight machines, do a class instead. You can also buy an exercise book with many different exercises in them. Work out an exercise routine and constantly review it to update the moves you are doing. Tweaking it just slightly will keep your muscles guessing. This is what keeps us (or gets us) in shape.

These three steps aren’t always easy, especially since we have so much temptation around us 24/7. Avoid it, and keep your goal at the front of your mind. Getting into shape isn’t just great for us to maintain our health, but it’s a step closer to living that Full Throttle life we all desire.

As always,

Live your life…Full Throttle!.

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