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Don’t Be Stuck With Hotel Shampoo!

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especially when you’re not traveling!  Sometimes we travel, grabbing things at the last minute, forgetting all of the essentials, and we’re left with horrible, and I mean, horrible shampoo provided by the hotel. Yes, it’s conveniently set up next to the dry, paper wrapped soap, but it provides absolutely zero benefits for our hair. Sometimes you get the really fancy hotels that give you the shampoo in one container and the conditioner in another. At least they’re making an effort to realize there are benefits to each product, right?!

Indulge has made it easier to travel and maintain your hair’s beauty with the Wella Brilliance Travel Pack. It has a travel size Shampoo, Conditioner, and Treatment. Let me first say that all three of these products are absolutely amazing. They smell like fresh smoothies all whipped up and put into little bottles for our convenience.

Begin with the Brilliance Shampoo that is formulated with diamond dust, it boots shine and protects color’s vividness.

Next, use the Brilliance Conditioner. Made for fine and normal hair, the Brilliance Conditioner is lightweight and leaves hair moisturized, luminous, and full of free-flowing movement.

Seal the deal with the Brilliance Treatment. Triple blended with three lightweight polymers, the Brilliance Treatment instantly restores vibrancy and makes your hair irresistibly smooth.

See! Indulge has made your summer months easy with the newest product from Wella,Salon York PA the Wella Brilliance Travel Pack. Reserve your travel pack at the E. Market location (717-718-4465) or the S. George Street location (717-846-4424).

You won’t regret it, and you’ll be happy you packed your travel pack once you sit it on the counter next to that sorry yellow bottle of two-in-one shampoo. Your hair will thank you!.

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