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I had to mention it again. What WERE YOU THINKING? Bad manners are running amuck at the airport awaiting the flight. Let me tell you this story about an older man that demonstrated his lack of manners. I am absolutely disgusted with people and their lack of manners with regards to others around them thinking their personal hygiene habits wouldn’t go unnoticed as they clip their nails with a nail […]

I’ve received some comments in response to my flight adventures. No flight is the same I can tell you. The most recent was to Chicago on United. My day started out beautifully. I get settled on the plane and sit beside an interesting man. We were grounded for at least 45 minutes which gave us time to talk about his business. He traveled to train others to really provide quality […]

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Is your skin affected with air travel? You may be right with the education we have around skincare that is more advanced, skin does have a tendency to dehydrate while in the air. As you know, I have many adventures that are never the same when it comes to traveling with the airlines. The latest adventure was last weekend when traveling to see a very good friend of mine in Charleston, […]

I’m on a roll tonight. It’s 12:00 a.m. and my son is asleep. Everything is quiet and I was thinking about the hair fiascos that happen on a plane when one travels. I always look at hair when I travel and think about how I could transform someone with a new hair color or a haircut that would better suit their features. In York, PA at Indulge salon we have […]

Look I can really appreciate trying to save a buck or two. Lately, we have had this huge influx of banana, orange, stripey hair that has graced our doors to be fixed into this lovely multi-dimensional hair color goddess. Truly, it is a gift that so many people trust us from  their box color dilema to beautiful tresses flowing down their backs. It is not easy trying to dissect the […]

Taking Care of your hair is easy… especially when you’re not traveling!  Sometimes we travel, grabbing things at the last minute, forgetting all of the essentials, and we’re left with horrible, and I mean, horrible shampoo provided by the hotel. Yes, it’s conveniently set up next to the dry, paper wrapped soap, but it provides absolutely zero benefits for our hair. Sometimes you get the really fancy hotels that give you the […]

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