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Air travel grooming tips on do’s and don’ts while waiting at the airport

I had to mention it again. What WERE YOU THINKING?

Bad manners are running amuck at the airport awaiting the flight. Let me tell you this story about an older man that demonstrated his lack of manners. I am absolutely disgusted with people and their lack of manners with regards to others around them thinking their personal hygiene habits wouldn’t go unnoticed as they clip their nails with a nail trimmer allowing their nail trimmings to fall to the carpet. UGH!!!

This was over the top for me as I sit in my seat watching this in action. I thought that the security at BWI airport is supposed to consfiscate nail trimmers because they might be a weapon. I think I could be a human weapon and take this guy out. This is the same kind of person that would pick their nose and leave is somewhere unsuspecting. This guy probably doesn’t wash his hands when he uses the bathroom privy. He probably thinks he’s sexy! NOT! I should have taken a picture and displayed him here to say beware travelers.

I could hardly take this out of my mind since my traveling to Georgia. Of course I told my daughter all about this inhuman grossness. I don’t even know if that is a word but I just made it up and it applied. This notice goes out to all of you that think this is ok, I’ll give you some tips and tricks on grooming do’s and don’ts and the airport.

These don’ts are expressed from Kinberly, the owner of Indulge Salon York PA. man clipping nails

1. Do not trim your fingernails at the airport waiting lounge. The best place for this is outside where nobody can see you maintenancing your nails or in the privacy of your hotel or home environment. Please feel free to read this article from National Post on their opinion of clipping nails in public.

2. Do not pick your nose in public. This demonstrates to others that you have zero care for anyone else around you. Rubbing your nose appropriately if you have an itch is appropriate but do not even think about inserting a finger into the nose to search out for foreign objects. If your “discovery” ends up in your hand, place this in a napkin that may be handy and do not wipe this on your pant leg or chair or carpet. This may require more attention in the privacy of the airport restroom. Again, this part of the body has been built to filtrate bad air and to prevent large objects from entering the nostril. Yes mucus can harden and may require removal but do this privately and wash your hands after with soap and water.

3. Brush your teeth in the restroom which would be appropriate. The food stores and drug stores carry those little tooth shampooers that are great for travel to be done in privacy not in the airport. Really. I’ve have been noticing some very yellow stained which means that a bleaching would be a great idea if you are a professional and I highly recommend some vigorous brushing on a regular basis. Women are not attracted to stuff between the teeth or bad breath.

3a. Do not pick your teeth with your fingernails. Nope not a chick magnet. This does not bode well in relationship building at the airport. This actually would repel people watching you do this. If they shake their heads while you are picking away, you know this was not a good idea. Just say “excuse me” and walk to the rest room for a tooth check. Got it?!

4. When talking with another person in the waiting area, look to see if they are even interestd in talking with you. First, observe if they are reading, watching or engaged in some form of entertainment. This means don’t bother them. IF they are looking around and create eye contact with you, they may be interested in some conversation.

5. Professionals it might be time to rethink your wardrobe. Guys, the gut over the stomach is to much when you are trying to squeeze into the pant and arrange the extra flesh around it. Breathing heavy with bad breath makes women feel uncomfortable and they are thinking about their life supportive resources instead of mouth to mouth if you pass out. Iron your shirts to make a great impression. I know its tough to see this as it is but take it from a person that cares about others and their grooming, their image and the message they send by outward appearances go back to the foundation of first impressions. You don’t get another chance to make a first impression.

6. If you are wanting to meet people at the airport go to this site   this site will help you do the right things if you are intersted.

If you have a comment about your travels and what you have seen, please feel free to add to this post.

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