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Have you always wanted red raspberry highlights but can’t get them?

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Client wanted to make her long hair shimmer with red violet highlights with darker color. We did this at our South George Street location.

As a master colorist at Indulge Salon working at our South George Street location, I’m finding that our clients want to really express themselves with red highlights that are vibrant orange reds, red red and red violet tones that are amazing for the skin tone when done correctly.

I hope this blog article helps you decide what you would like to have when you speak to one of our stylists. When you see a photo of a model, the photo comes with lots of alterations professionally to it such as lighting and where the hair is positioned to show off the best lights of the color and haircut. The hair is prepared at great length with hair color that is designed to give depth or lightness then maybe another shade of lightner or depth added to create “the look”. Then the hair may be glazed for intense shine.

More often haircolor and styles had taken hours to perfect. When I did the last photo shoot in Chicago, we had a photographer from Iraq to show us the nuances of editorial and photo work. The way the hair and skin looked in the frame of the camera. I can tell you this was hard work between the makeup, the haircut, the color, and creating a feeling behind the camera. The clothing person whom they call the stylist was more important when you see clothing but overall, its about the look and feeling that is created.

I digress a bit however my point is that its not just a once and done process. For example, tonight I had to have the hair pre-lightened to an orange color just to prepare for the next part of the process. I had to prestain the color to an intense orange in order to help the main vibrant color I wanted to stay. Again, this chemical process with color dyes that we use are important that require thought and strategic planning when performing the artistry of hair color. After the 2nd color that I applied on my orange red vixen, she was thrilled to have shiny beautiful hair color that she has always wanted with black tips. I said, “my pleasure”.

Red heads need to be maintained more frequently. I highly recommend about every 2-3 weeks to keep the vibrancy and tone to the desired shade. Once you have done this application a few times, the color is more likely to stay instead of washing out so quickly. If you are interested in keeping your red tones longer, call me at 717.846.4424

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