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Beachy waves are hot this spring season at Indulge Salon

beachy wavy long hair with highlights

courtesy of Pintrest. Love this photo of the Olsen twin with beachy waves with longer length hair with highlights

Find your self some sexy beachy waves like the Olsen twin in this photo. Great example of whats really hot this spring season. Learn how to create these beachy waves to go a little longer without the heat to smooth out curls and waves. Going a little longer without the heat from a flat iron is better for the hair and gives it a break from potential damage.

Hair color trends this season are smoking hot with Balayage and Ombre’ techniques. I flew this amazing hair stylist educator in from Paris, France a few years back and I’m glad that I did. I didn’t realize at the time how far ahead of the trends we were but the hair color of having hair painted in the direction that I wanted them to follow the curls and waves of the hair with low maintenance was extraordinary. I find that the maintenance to re paint the highlights is less maintenance because when it grows out it looks even been because the result is so natural looking that it turns into an Ombre’ look. The Ombre is a tehcnique that we can combine with the Balayage to customize your look for you to frame around your eyes, enhance your cheekbones and make the hair come alive. One of my favorites. The ext time you have your appointment bring some of your favorite photos into the salon so that we can custonize your spring look early.

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