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Stress on your skin with air travel

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high altitudes can dry out the skin

Is your skin affected with air travel? You may be right with the education we have around skincare that is more advanced, skin does have a tendency to dehydrate while in the air. As you know, I have many adventures that are never the same when it comes to traveling with the airlines. The latest adventure was last weekend when traveling to see a very good friend of mine in Charleston, SC. I was in Charlotte awaiting the next flight to complete my travels when they had already delayed my flight twice then they flat out cancelled it. I was sitting at the bar ready to have my Peach Smash and then a Kaluah beverage to follow when I received a tap on the shoulder from a woman named Becky. Very attractive and said “hey, isn’t that some of the people that are supposed to be on our flight?”. I said, “I don’t know, how about I watch your stuff and you check it out.”Becky did to only discover that the airline was offering a BUS to Charleston. I said, “a bus?” I asked Becky to watch my stuff and I was off to find a solution to my problem to get to my friend as quickly as possible. I mosied on over to the counter and asked if they had any helicopters available. The attendant stopped and stared at me amongst the other passengers that were stunned that I would even ask for a helicopter. Certainly we have to figure out what the options are to get from A to B quickly. She informed me quickly by saying, “ma’am, we do not have helicopters available.” I questioned this since they are air travel right? Long story short, I turned around and asked the crowd, “who would like to drive to Charleston with me?” I recruited the best drive crew ever. Roy, Justin and Becky were my driving comrades and Roy did a great job. I was able to catch two naps, great conversation and had the best fun for 3.5 hours to Charleston. Becky’s daughter is a hairstylist in Charleston. Justin is an engineer that navigated us towards the airport and Roy, well Roy was cool and knows how to work out the plan by driving. We did have to make a pitstop at McDonalds for all around beverages. It was so much fun and we beat the the next flight which the airline scheduled for 6:00 p.m. Who has time for that? Lots of people to see. Let’s just say it was worth the drive to get there early. I did make it to the bar that evening and had a few more fruity beverages that does dehydrate your skin if you don’t have enough sleep or water to re-hydrate the skin. As you can see from the Road Warriors photo we were all smiles and happy to greet our destination. I wish all of you traveling such as we did to just go by the seat of your pants and gather some new friends around and drive if you have the option. Driving saves time, makes new friends and creates a memory for all involved. We all agreed what fun it was to have this type of adventure. This is just another day for me but for some, it was way out of their comfort zones. Salon York PA

If you travel at least 3-4x per week, perhaps you might want more specific treatments for your skin to prevent aging. Call 717.846.4424.

Salon York PA

Road that leads to my Best Friend of 20+ years


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