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My recent flight adventures update

I’ve received some comments in response to my flight adventures. No flight is the same I can tell you. The most recent was to Chicago on United.

My day started out beautifully. I get settled on the plane and sit beside an interesting man. We were grounded for at least 45 minutes which gave us time to talk about his business. He traveled to train others to really provide quality information to his various teams. I was impressed with his commitment to helping his company grow. While we were sharing, I felt proud of my team and their dedication to coming to training every week to learn the details of how to cut hair the Indulge way. They have to listen to me share lots of details that they really have never been exposed to n the hair industry.

Both myself and this traveler are committed to details that give our respective consumers such a point of difference in the end result for the. We both shared in the pride of our trainings. Business owners work diligently to ensure the information is shared to help our team make good decisions for the customers. I for one enjoy sharing all of the secrets of hair color correction that helps them make better decisions to advise or recommend hair products, treatments that improve the hair. Best training also equips my stylists and team to ensure their skin is more youthful by consulting our client prior to a service. We enjoy being the best.

As a result, my flight was awesome, interesting, non smelly, and mentally

I would love to hear from you on your adventures. Please feel free to share.

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