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Trying to save money by doing your own hair?

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Butternut blonde with multi-dimensional tones throughout the hair tones

Look I can really appreciate trying to save a buck or two. Lately, we have had this huge influx of banana, orange, stripey hair that has graced our doors to be fixed into this lovely multi-dimensional hair color goddess. Truly, it is a gift that so many people trust us from  their box color dilema to beautiful tresses flowing down their backs. It is not easy trying to dissect the type of box color used to how much to where they put it on and then their arm got tired of holding up the bottle and the applicator splattered everywhere leaving a trail for us to fix. Ugh! Hard for them and hard for us but we love fixing bad color jobs. This is a transformational opportunity for us to take somone that tried to be a blonde and they did their best “god bless their soul”. That saying is from our Salon Manager, Shane Parrish, in Greensboro Ga. He always says that when he knows that our lovely clients really need help. Here in the north we just chuckle and say that’s Shane for you. Then we get to work figuring out how to help our new blonde friend. Doing your own hair can be costly emotionally and financially. It is worth spending the money up front to get a great result rather than trying to do your own thing because in the end you will end up spending more money to get it fixed and then swear you will never do that again. I promise. It happens all of the time. So if you are thinking about it, just put the box down. I know the girl looks cute and her hair looks adorable and sexy and all that on the box but that doesn’t mean that when you put that color from the bottle that you are going to look like the girl on the box. The research and developers have stylists that work in a back room experimenting on different shades and different multiple processes with the box color. Most of these box colors are made with fabric dye. Yep! are you gasping yet? Also, made with metallic dyes which means its hard to get out. I can tell from my own experience that when I was a working girl in one of the those hamburger joints with the big W, I tried different hair colors such as black which I thought would wash out. Who knew that I would have cat black hair for 6 – 8 weeks and it didn’t wash out. I had regrowth of inches before it was slightly fading. Horrible. I felt like a tramp and not cute at all. I tried to play it up with darker makeup and then my dad would say you look like a raccoon. I cried. So girls, I understand when you have box color blunders. Since I’ve attended beauty school and attended many advanced training centers all over the world, I do not recommend the emotional toll it takes on you. However; when you get a beautiful color on your face that matches your skin and it glows, it’s worth it. Share your story with me at an hit the contact button. I’d love to hear from you. Feel free to log in on the home page if you like for a free 15.00 off coupon on your next color.


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