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The adventures of traveling and hair with Kimberly of Indulge Salon

Salon York PA

Kimberly’s naturally curl hair

I’m on a roll tonight. It’s 12:00 a.m. and my son is asleep. Everything is quiet and I was thinking about the hair fiascos that happen on a plane when one travels. I always look at hair when I travel and think about how I could transform someone with a new hair color or a haircut that would better suit their features. In York, PA at Indulge salon we have come across some pretty interesting mullets, short bangs with all one length (it’s not the cute kind) and other assemblies of hair creations. So my fave is the person that leans back has a little perspiration working in the back of their neck and of course somebody’s got the air blowing from the top of the aircraft onto your face which means that now you are going to freeze and so is your hair! hee hee. I just had to chuckle because you know whats coming! Yep, when they wake up from their groggy sleep, the haircut no longer looks like a work of art. it looks like a squirrel got roused up and was running around in circles at the back of the head in the nape area. Some hair laid tight to the head, some sticking straight up looking distorted. I can hardly keep it together here describing this. I have met some pretty dynamic people on my flights but I can assure you each trip is interesting. I always get the guy that has nervous gas. I want to throw up every flight. Although the last flight I was on was more pleasant than most. Professional, clean, and pleasant to sit next to. So the next time you are traveling give yourself a little fluff with the hand in the back of your head to unruffle the hair. Check out my video by clicking on the link here describing the salon and so you can see a picture of me. Video of me explaining the salon and what we do. Check out the long blonde hair model.

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