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Second skin peel Kimberly goes back for more

Going back for more…

This was the deciding factor for me to have a second skin peel about 6-8 weeks apart. My daughter is getting married and I must look good for the photos because the last forever. I just had the second chemical peel done and it was as strong as the first one because I wanted to get rid of the wrinkles around my eyes and mouth. Wow, I didn’t feel the stinging as much as the first one and of course nothing happened as far as peeling the second day but the third day. Yowza! I was at work (I never recommend doing this during the work week if you work, save it for a Thursday or Friday and make it a Lifetime weekend and order in) and my staff looked at me and said you started peeling. I run to the rest room to check my skin around the eyes and mouth and sure enough I started to peel.

Chin, cheeks and neck were more sensitive this time. The rest of the forehead and nose and upper cheeks were peeled off in a day with no sensitivity.

As you can see in the photos of my cheek, eye area, and chin that its a bit rid. Of course I wasn’t a good listener to the professional skin care therapist and used another type of moisturizer. BE A GOOD LISTENER and use what she tells you to use. What happened was my skin was dry and tight like she said it would be and I needed to feel relief as I was peeling the dry skin off which was supposed to happen. Anyway, my skin felt like it was on fire so don’t do what I did. I endured that feeling the rest of the day and came home to rinse it with cool water. I applied what she told me to apply which is a Post Balm Lubricating Ointment that you can only get in our salon with the treatment. It felt like someone threw on cool water onto a flaming fire. Aah!!

It’s worth it! On day four of the second peel, my skin peel has been worth it and I will keep you posted on how amazing I will look by next week.  Close ups taken with my phone..

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