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NEW face cream that helps over stressed skin

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BiOxygene face cream from Guinot Paris located at Indulge, A Colour Salon 180 from Ordinary, York PA

Here it is!! Bioxygene face cream designed give radiance to dull lack luster over stressed skin.

I don’t know about you, but some days are not so radiant as they should be especially when I look in the mirror in the morning and say to myself “who are you?”If you don’t feel as young as you used to and you have the sallow, dull, tired look than maybe you should consider this new cream from Guinot. Why? This cream has three benefits:1. It adds oxygen to the skin on a cellular level – most skin that is truly asphyxiated (choking) due to lack of oxygen and the cells that are dehydrated, and have dead skin cells that have layered upon layer appear to be dull and lack radiance. 2. Protects your skin from pollution. I think this is a pretty bold statement considering what we actually do not see floating around in the air. This ingredient has an Anti-pollution filter effect which allows the skin to breathe. It feels soft to the touch and flexible not tight like other products we won’t mention. 3. Provides skin cells with long lasting moisture. This face cream allows the water levels to be sustained in order to keep balance in the skin. When we are under stress of the daily routines physically, emotionally and especially mentally, our skin will dehydrate because your body will take what it needs to survive. Other benefits of this new BiOxygene is that it has no coloring agents and 0 paraben (waxes) and it was not tested on animals. It does have natural active ingredients which will protect and provide radiance. when I tried this product tonight, I was pretty excited because I have to admit that I’ve been having some stressful moments and want to see how it feels on my skin. The results after application were interesting. I personally found the face cream light and airy. The light fragrance was clean not overpowering as some can be. The application used minimal amounts of product for my entire face and it felt smooth. My skin drank it in.the feeling is unique. I really like it. If you are a natural kind of gal than you would really like this on your skin because it’s so light in texture. Tests show that afer 1 month of treatments, the radiance of skin was increased by 2.6 points with a panel of 9 test subjects. Changes in moisture with the panel of 9 test subjects were increased by 44.6%. Pretty stunning results don’t you think? I know that I have had super dry, itchy skin in the past. The feeling of the tightness was daily to the point that I had used a night cream instead of a day cream to give me relief. Those of you that have dry skin no exactly what I”m talking about. Anybody with normal skin will enjoy the light feeling of this texture. You won’t have to worry about it being heavy on normal skin. Our Guinot Skin Care Professional recommends the Aromatic Facial Treatment or teh Hydradermie treatment that will lift the muscles underneath the skin to really give an advanced “facelift” appearance. Try the BiOxygene face cream as part of your daily regime. Let me know what you think. It only comes in one size which is 1.6 oz. Dab will you you!.

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