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A friend of mine is re-entering the workforce after being a stay at home mom and then working from home for many years. She scheduled a consult at Indulge Salon at 970 South George Street location to create a plan for updating her hair cut, color, some new cosmetics, a manicure, and an enhanced skin care routine. The professionals there were able to get her started immediately with a new French haircut and

Salon York PA

Layers in the hair create a professional appearance appropriate for the workplace

some Youngblood cosmetics (read more at and create a plan that included some standing appointment times for updating her other beauty needs as she starts her new career. At Indulge Salon York, PA we are experts on these things—this was fun and easy for us and quickly turned into a time for all of us to celebrate the adventure my friend was about to embark on! But then she asked if stockings (or nylons) were still required in the office …

While we could offer some thoughts on what to wear to a new office job, pantyhose seemed to no longer follow clear rules of office etiquette in 2013. The Indulge Salon York, PA staff was so evenly divided on the answer to that question, we did what we always do to find answers to life’s important questions: we Googled it. And what did we find out? It all depends. The best advice was to wear them and see what other people did—especially senior management—taking your cue from them. For more, check out this link to “What to Wear to Work” in Real Simple magazine at

It prompted some great conversation about the evolution of etiquette though. One of our stylists referred us to this great local York blog quoting some expectations of the female students at York’s Cottage Hill College for Young Ladies circa 1870. Our favorite quote from the school handbook is:

“Ladies are not permitted to receive the visits of gentlemen with whom the officers of the School have no acquaintance, unless sanctioned by letters of introduction from parents. And it is exceedingly desirable that parents designate the persons with whom they wish their daughters to correspond.”

Back to my friend re-entering the workforce—she is having a blast and looking great! Do you have the right strategy and team of professionals to help you look your best? We’d love to know what your experience has been in the workplace and love to help you if you are returning to work. Call us at 717.846.4424 to schedule an appointment at either of the Indulge Salons York, PA … you don’t need a note from your parents..

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