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Networking–more than your IP address..

Salon York PA Networking isn’t just about making sure your IP address is correctly connected to your network adapter.  Networking in life is about sharing information, services, and business cards with the intent to make a connection that will be useful either personally or professionally.  Networking is one of the best ways to accomplish something when it comes to your professional career. It could be that you may want to make a connection with several local businesses to invite them to purchase your product or service. You may need help finding a job, and you meet several different people who know of an opportunity, or know someone else that has an open position. It’s quite amazing, actually.

A friend of mine joined an exchange club and she was, in fact, looking for a different job opportunity. Through the people she met at her exchange club, she was able to have several people point her in the right direction to make connections with other individuals. The more people you are able to meet, the more opportunity you create for yourself to be put on the track you want to be. It’s said that each person knows at least seven other people, and those seven  people know seven people that you are familiar with.

Everyone is interconnected, and we get to know others through networking. You can do this by joining an exchange club, lions club, small business organization, young professionals organization, volunteering, and the simplest—socializing. The more people you are able to connect with and exchange information (phone number, email, etc), the better network you create for yourself. People are able to influence your pathway, but you’ve got to make the connection first. You must do this by:

1. Going outside of your comfort zone to talk to people you don’t know.

2. Be prepared. Print business cards for yourself! Include name, email, phone number.

3. Know what you’ve got to offer. Networking can’t be only about you. You must be able to offer something to the other person.

4. Work on that handshake! Always extend your arm–straight-firm grip, one shake, and release. You have those people you like a couple shakes…work with it. And..ALWAYS look the person in the eye as you’re shaking their hand.

If you’re not the type of person to be as outgoing, make an impression instead. Make yourself memorable.

Remember that networking doesn’t mean that you can be in it all for yourself. You’ve got to bring something to the table. Can’t be zero give and only receive. You’ve got to offer something to the people so willing to help you out. What do all great relationships survive on? Give and Take.

Live your life full throttle by getting out there and networking. Who knows what connections you’ll make..

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