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Just Because You Can, Doesn’t Mean You Should…

A note from the co-manufacturer of the hand-made Indulge Skin Care Items…

Salon York PA Consumers are faced with thousands of choices when it comes to deciding what they put on their skin.  A few products are truly amazing, some are pretty good, most are so-so, and some are downright lousy. What defines the difference between a truly amazing product and a downright lousy one?  First and foremost, it is based on the experience of the consumer.

When I began formulating my own products, I experimented with all kinds of fun and interesting ingredients. I packed as many fancy exciting ingredients into each and every product as I possibly could. I quickly learned that more is not always better…as with most things in life, temperance and moderation most often provided a much better outcome than excess and overkill.

As time went on and I learned more about individual ingredients and attempted to understand the differences between “amazing” products and “so-so” products, one important thing came clear: products could be amazing, while being formulated with very few ingredients. In short, the KISS method applies to what you put on your skin as well.

From the standpoint of the consumer, there are a few basic guidelines that should help you make better decisions about what you are putting on your skin:

  1. Smell has nothing to do with the product. Any product can be scented with any fragrance.
  2. Ingredients that lend to great “feel” often mask mediocre ingredients. Heavy use of texturizing ingredients in a formulation may feel soft, or silky, or powdery on application, but if the moisturizing ingredients are minimal, the benefits to your skin stand to be minimal, at best.
  3. In general, products have approximately 1% fragrance added to them.
  4. Ingredients are listed in order of highest concentration to lowest.
  5. As long as an ingredient is included in the formulation, it is given credit as being “in there” and can be marketed as containing XYZ even if there are only a few drops in a great big container.
  6. Any ingredient that is less than one percent of the total formulation can be listed in any order.  What this means is that ingredients listed after “Fragrance” may well make up less than 1% of the total formulation. I was stunned when I read the ingredients on a product from a major retailer that listed “Sweet Almond Oil” on the front of the packaging as one of the key ingredients in the formulation, yet “Sweet Almond Oil” was listed several ingredients after “Fragrance”.
  7. Based on the ingredient list, a high content of water is not indicative of an inferior product, e.g., if a blissfully simple formulation has 10 ounces of water, 5 ounces of Butter X, and 5 ounces of Oil Y as the primary ingredients, the ingredients would read in that order. In reality, this formulation has as much “good stuff” as it does water, thus creating a very rich formulation.

The products that I am working with Kimberly to formulate are created with honesty and integrity. The ingredients in each and every product are there for a specific purpose. There are no smokescreens of fancy additives that do not give benefits to your skin or to the overall formulation. Unlike most commonly found commercial products, these products contain a high concentration of rich moisturizing ingredients that have been proven time and again to provide great benefits to even the driest skin.

If you are curious about why an ingredient is listed on one of Kimberly’s products, ask her. She will be able to tell you because she is part of the process, not just the person selling the end result. Unlike most custom labeled products that are manufactured for boutique companies, these products are not the same product everyone else carries with Kimberly’s name and contact information added. These are custom formulations with original fragrance blends that are being created for her..

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