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Don’t let it get under your skin

Salon York PA There’s no question about it. Life can be stressful. At times, it can feel like it’s coming at you from every angle. I’m told, however, it’s not the type of stress, it’s how you deal with the stress– that is the concern.

Each person has their own individual way of “dealing” with it.  Some people get red in the face, others feel physically ill, and some just back into a corner emotionally. More intense, and  unhealthy ways of dealing with stress, would be turning to alcohol and drugs to wash away your problems. Obviously, we know that that is not the way to go when trying to calm yourself down and relax.

Stress can cause many problems not only emotionally, but physically. It can absorb itself into your body and cause serious irreparable damage. Sometimes it will affect your liver, kidneys, skin, intestines, etc. It can cause diseases. It can damage your personal relationships.

Before you can properly deal with stress, you have to learn the triggers of your stress. For some tips on how to control your reaction to stress, I found a really amazing website that gives great information.

Don’t allow the stress in your life to get under your skin. Control it.

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Live your life…Full Throttle!.

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