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Natural hair extensions are one of the most amazing inventions that can give you length, volume and color without the commitment in 1 – 2 hours depending on the type of hair extensions you have chosen. I could give you many reasons to trust Indulge Salon, York, Pa and Greensboro, Ga with your hair but since I have limited space here, I’ll give you 5 to start with: COMPLETE CUSTOMIZED […]

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Stumped at the lip stand? Buying a lip color just to try it on later and realize it doesn’t suit you is frustrating! Fortunately, Indulge has the guide to help you color your lips correctly All skin tones are equally beautiful and deserve a lip color that will give their skin the pop it craves. STEP ONE: ​analyze your skin tone; are you light, medium, or dark? STEP TWO:​ check […]

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Peco Interview – Now introducing Fred “Peco” Wainwright! Peco is our newest team member Q: How long have you been doing hair? A: 12 years in the salon, and 15 years beginning from high school. Q: Before you did hair, what did you do? What’s your background? A: Pre-hair life I’m a comic book nerd and a jock. I played football before which carried into college. Q: What type of […]

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Many of us have a drawer or container full of lip shades ranging from light nudes to deep colors. We don’t have to limit ourselves to wearing just one shade – we can blend them! Two of my favorite Glo Skin Beauty lip colors is the Glo Skin Beauty Cream Glaze Crayon in Chiffon, and the Glo Skin Beauty Lipstick in Fixation. The Cream Glaze Crayons are perfect because they […]

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Healthy living articles designed for business women featured by Indulge Pure Originals We started at Indulge Salon York Pa carrying natural body care products out of necessity because my skin was so dry that I scratched till the skin bled. That became problematic for me since I tried other lotions and creams but they burned my skin when I applied them. Safe body butter lotion bars are moisturizing on dry […]

Thinning hair? Shedding and thinning hair every day in your brush or bottom of the shower? It’s not bad enough that you see hair in your brush but then you see your hair looking thinner around your hairline, shedding, starting bald patches on top of your head. the hair catches at the bottom of the shower seemingly like a small animal got loose in your shower room. Your self esteem […]

Hair color has you running to Indulge Salon scared of commitment every 4 weeks? Indulge Salon now has hair color that is rich in depth and shine that blends out lines of demarcation from gray grow out. The first demi-permanent solution to cover 70% of grays with low commitment. Call Indulge Salon today to try our Wella Color Touch PLUS is formulated for a more intense result for shine! Finally, a […]

It takes a tough woman that has strong character to get to this age still standing up for what is right. Now she will be with her husband President Ronald Reagan. She has demonstrated what it looks like in the public eye to be a team and act like a team. Their love story started out in Hollywood and acted together. March 4, 64 years ago when they were married […]

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Our New Blonde SUN KISSED DIFFUSED Color Expressions is launching NOW!It’s sexy and transcends us from the winter to spring STAT. Arent you ready to break out of the winter colors? You betcha. Our sun kissed interpretation has a base darker color with highlights either balayage or finer free lights hand painted finely that create the sun shining down onto the top of the hair. We have the newest technology […]

Sometimes we all of have to get a fresh perspective and step outside our every day “box” of life. Often times, I think to myself, how can I improve to be the best I can be? What can I do better for my clients that have trusted to come to me to have the faith that I will give them the best hair advice, the best haircut to shape their […]

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