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Sun Kissed Diffused haircolor|Indulge Salon York Pa

Our New Blonde SUN KISSED DIFFUSED Color Expressions is launching NOW!

Sunkissed Blonde availble at Indulge Salon York Pa, Greensboro, GA  Courtesy of Wella

Sunkissed Blonde availble at Indulge Salon York Pa, Greensboro, GA
Courtesy of Wella

It’s sexy and transcends us from the winter to spring STAT. Arent you ready to break out of the winter colors? You betcha. Our sun kissed interpretation has a base darker color with highlights either balayage or finer free lights hand painted finely that create the sun shining down onto the top of the hair. We have the newest technology that lifts and tones at the same time.  The chunky highlights are out. We are seeing new layers, undone texture, feminine curls and your own personality injected into each customized haircut.

We, at Indulge Salon, have always been about customizing your haircuts and color to your face shape and lifestyle. This is nothing new for us. What we are seeing is a big trends towards the rainbow colors for any age. I would recommend that you ask your employer if they dig the bright oranges, yellows, purples and any combination for your image at work. If they don’t dig it after you “already did it” then high tail it into the salon for us to remove the color and make it more “normal” for them. Removal of the rainbow colors is nothing to mess with because the sensitivity can change the integrity of the color and maybe the ability to accept your new color might now work out the way you wanted it to. Keep that in mind.  This is just a sneak peak of what we have in store for you for the summer months of beautiful hair color. Feel free to call for a consultation. Bring in some photos that you love and we will show you what we can offer you to compliment your face shape and lifestyle.coppery highlights

This model is a courtesy of the latest look from Wella. This amazing short cropped pixy is oozing with dark coppery for the base then lightened with strawberry blonde that creates more undone texture that just exudes personality. If you are tired of your look and want to give your hair some spice then give us a call. 717.846.4424 or 706.999.9911 (Lake Oconee, Greensboro, GA) Be mentally prepared to change the base color with some warmth, then a creative highlight on the top maybe adding an additional highlighted color. Remember, no matter how creative we hairstylists/colorists are the color must compliment your skin tone. We look forward to introducing you to these newest looks.

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