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5 Reasons To Trust Indulge Salon For Transformative Hair Extensions

Natural hair extensions are one of the most amazing inventions that can give you length, volume and color without the commitment in 1 – 2 hours depending on the type of hair extensions you have chosen.

I could give you many reasons to trust Indulge Salon, York, Pa and Greensboro, Ga with your hair but since I have limited space here, I’ll give you 5 to start with:

    The evaluation of your hair condition should be a consideration BEFORE you choose the TYPE of natural hair extensions. Here are some considerations:
    1. a. Fine hair should not have a heavy weight of hair or the weight and pulling on it could pull the hair extension and your hair out if not maintained properly.
    2. b. Medical issues in the body will affect the outcome of the hair extensions whether they can stay in longer or if you need short term options. Some medical conditions encourage thinning of hair.
    3. c. Thick hair has density and coarseness that will require MORE hair to make the hairstyle look like a normal head of thick hair. This will require more hair at the base of the neck and distributed up through to the crown. This will be more expensive due to the density and the amount of hair needed.
    4. d. Medium hair without medical side effects will be easier to apply but still needs more hair for the base of the hair at the bottom depending on length and thickness wanted. We will look at the style you are interested for a reference.
    Bringing a photo of your favorite hairstyle will help us determine the type of hair extensions that you could utilize vs another to achieve your look. We specialize in 5 different brands of hair extensions. Photos you may find on Pinterest may not provide you a “real” snapshot of the hair you’re liking. When you bring this photo in, we will make sure we discuss your options of hair, density, and the length and thickness of the hair.
    My teams at Indulge Salon ( will talk to you about the hair color whether you want to keep your hair natural or have it highlighted/lowlighted or taken back to a natural color. We will need to color your hair prior to ordering hair extensions in order to bring your personal hair dream to life.
    Our hair extensions have a natural look and feel to them. The hair extensions are 100% human hair and can be cut, colored (deposit only), styled with a curling wand, flat ironed and washed and blown dry as you would your own hair.
    We have the experience necessary to create beautiful dream hair on hair that is often deemed as “too short” or “not a candidate for hair extensions.” We can apply these hair extensions anywhere on the head that has a minimum of 6” or more to covered the attachment bonding. The top of the hair can be done with a very small fusion adhesive to make it look natural. We would not use the others that have a heavier weight or thicker clamp or bond that would see through. These are some of the things that we would talk about at our consultation prior to ordering hair.

As you can see that hair extensions are personal to every person that has them applied to their hair. We have many options to choose from whether we use a fused bond that is heated then fused with your hair, micro -links that the keratin tip that is inserted into a metal cylinder that is then clamped close. Tape in hair extensions are great for a short time period such as 1 – 3 months usage.

The newest hair extension technology is Hairdreams Nano. These hair extensions come in 5-Star and 7-Star Quality that is basically invisible to others and integrated into your own hair.
With this high-quality hair, two colors can be blended to make it look like your sunkissed hair in browns or blondes.

To make your hair dream a reality, contact us for a customized consultation

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