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Gift ideas for the hostess 2018

Thanksgiving is approaching fast. Gift ideas to

say thank you.

Indulge Pure Originals Loofah Soap $10

Good manners never go out of style, although I think a refresher course in what to bring to a hostess would be in order. As a hostess, we work very hard to give an enjoyable experience to our friends and family. I know what it’s like to receive and to give a gift. Makes you feel warm and cozy.

Small gifts are appreciated. Something simple that is personal means a lot.

Soap, lotion, simple card says thank you in big ways. The appreciation of acknowledging the work that goes into hosting a gathering is not a small thing. The cost of hosting an event, the planning of the event, the choosing of foods, the experience of the people attending all are important. Like Thanksgiving or Christmas we look forward to the smells, the traditional plates and accessories that all show up at the holidays.

Traditional gifting with small gifts of appreciation is expected.

Indulge Pure Originals

Indulge Pure Originals Oatmeal soap

Secretly, we love acknowledgement of how hard we worked and we love the ooh and ahs of how much someone loves our cooking and how fun the gathering was. We have some ideas for you:

  • Indulge Pure Originals vegan soaps such as the Loofah Soap – vegan soap poured into a loofah that naturally exfoliates your body while showering. No soap residue left on the skin. I don’t know about you, but I can’t stand the old soaps that leave that strong smell or film on the skin that feels coated. YUK! I have always loved a great scrub that makes you feel so clean. The feeling of clean that rinses off beautifully. Can be purchased here 
  • Indulge Pure Originals Oatmeal Soap is one of our best sellers! Great for our waxing clients that have sensitive skin, red skin that is inflamed skin but needs to be cleaned but gently. Great for our clients that are trying to prevent ingrown hairs. We have been very successful with our clients in their pursuit of getting rid of ingrown hairs!! The fragrance is light and cozy with a slight cleansing with oatmeal to help exfoliate the dead skin keeping the new skin coming up fresh and smooth. This is the quickest way to rid your sell of dead drab ashy looking skin. Safe to use on the face.  $8.75 for 3.5 oz.  Purchase in salon at 970 S George St, York, Pa 17403 or online here. 
  • Indulge Salon Gift cards for $10 or more are awesome to receive. Why a gift card? The hostess can spend it on anything they might want. Great for  a new haircut, hair color, eyelash extensions, hair extensions, a skin care product for dry skin, facial, pedicure of the month that your friend or family member wanted to try. The best compliment you can give a friend is referring them to a favorite place you love. Try Indulge Salon in York, Pa or Greensboro, GA (Lake Oconee, GA) Can be purchased online at or call ahead and we can get it prepared for you  to pick up.
  • Indulge Pure Originals Bath Salts – THE BEST GIFT EVER $8.00 for an 8 oz of the purest sea salts that are mixed with the most relaxation fragrance.

Remember to say thank you with gratitude in your heart goes far for the people that make a difference in your life.

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