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Nancy Davis Reagan dies at 94

It takes a tough woman that has strong character to get to this age still standing up for what is right. Now she will be with her husband President Ronald Reagan. She has demonstrated what it looks like in the public eye to be a team and act like a team. Their love story started out in Hollywood and acted together. March 4, 64 years ago when they were married in California.

You know she has always set the tone for sophistication. Her hair has always been styled, dressed classically and you never saw her go to the grocery store in her pj’s. She stood by her husband even though he was showing some signs of Alzheimer’s. What is that saying, “behind every man is a strong woman”. Hear hear!

Did you know that Nancy had been a strong advocate of stem cell research to help wipe out Alzheimer’s disease.

Who supports strong women? Other strong women like my team. We all have to support one another and bring out the best of each character and the yang of that is to be honest with another.

May you rest in peace Mrs. Reagan. You did a great job and thanks for paving the way for the rest of us leaders.

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