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Get Celebrity eyelash extensions at Indulge Salon, York Pa

Did you get your celebrity eyelash extensions yet?

Eyelash extensions are the rage right now gracing the celebrity magazines, to the run ways, to good ole’ York County, Pa. We want our lashes to look that good without mascara, without having to take our make up off at night. This is one of the secrets to looking younger. Eyelash extensions that look like you are a celebrity. Fuller, thicker lashes in 60 minutes. No more mascara to bother running or smudging. Sounds like a win win.

eyelash extensions

AFTER Eyelash extensions

I remember when I was twelve years old singing in the church choir. Good times belting out my songs.

It was an experimental year with makeup, mascara and yes I loved red lipstick then just like I do now. One Sunday morning, I woke up deciding I was wearing makeup because first of all my grandmother let me. Secondly, I felt more confident when I had makeup on. I was at the age where I had my grandmother help me tweeze my unibrow (is this to much information?) shave my legs and all the elements of twelve years old. I was on top of the world. I remember that same mascara wand being thick when it went on and I layered the mascara applications till every single eyelash was coated. If I had the opportunity to have celebrity eyelash extensions, I would have!  I had my makeup on and off to church we went.

At the critical point of preparing to stand in line to go up onto the stage, I had to use the restroom. I’m looking at myself in the mirror and was told that my mother would be coming to church that morning. The first thought was “yikes” now what was I going to do? My mother hated makeup and knew that I was going to “get it” . Get it meant a spanking for going against the rules of my parents. This was not good, I started to get upset in my stomach, eyes watering, and nervous to see my mother.

It was time to get in line like little soilders waiting for the sing song. As I walk up the aisle, I spot my mother glaring at me. My thoughts were oh no, this might not have been a good idea and my eyes started watering. I knew I was in really big trouble. She looked at me as if throwing darts would rid me of the makeup.

After the singing, we marched down the steps to the bottom rooms of the church. My mother took me aside and took me to the bathroom and what did I discover? Black eyes. My eyes ran which made it worse. My mascara was running down the cheeks similar to the makeup of Goth. I saw my mother make the move to meet me in the back and just knew this was going to go down the wrong road for me. Needless to say, I was not dissappointed.

My point is that I still love makeup, eyelashes, looking pretty. If you want to spare yourself watery eyes that make your mascara run, then eyelash extensions are the way to go. Learn more here

We have single lash, cluster lashes, full set lashes and corner cat eye lashes. Call to set up an appointment today!

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