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Grays growing amuck? Try low commitment haircolor

Hair color has you running to Indulge Salon scared of commitment every 4 weeks?

Indulge Salon York Pa, low commitment hair color

low commitment hair color

Indulge Salon now has hair color that is rich in depth and shine that blends out lines of demarcation from gray grow out. The first demi-permanent solution to cover 70% of grays with low commitment.

Call Indulge Salon today to try our Wella Color Touch PLUS is formulated for a more intense result for shine!

Finally, a solution to not have to worry about running into the salon every 3-4 weeks to cover the unwanted gray coverage that stares “I’m getting old” in the mirror. This low commitment hair color requires every 5-6 weeks to blend a color into your natural gray hair that will eventually blend out without leaving unwanted tones in the hair.

No more lines of demarcation! Blend those lines away.

Indulge Salon York Pa, matte hair color

matte hair color removing unwanted yellow hair color

yellow brassy hair

BEFORE yellow brassy hair

Wella and Indulge Salon, York, Pa has discovered what women want from their hair color?

  • 40% of women want multi-tone color. We can do this easily through a demi-permanent color that allows natural tones to shine through.
  • 60% of women find the appearance of roots unacceptable and prefer less obvious regrowth.
  • want high shine without being weighed down by product
  • fun, creative shades, tone changes
  • more variety with gray coverage ideas
  • intensity of colors such as reds, rich deep browns
  • fashion forward glosses with matte nuances
  • changing tones more regularly without having to strip the previous color

Indulge Salon has 6 options for new color choice applications for low commitment hair color for you. Make an appointment here.

  1. Matte shades for a diffused appearance. Imagine a filter on a camera giving a diffused look. Perfect for the pop of color on the weekend warrior look and back to business on Monday. We suggest the Smokey colors that are trending now for 2016 hair trends. Indulge Salon, York, Pa has all of them. Get rid of orange brassy tones in 20 minutes. Hair feels great. Can thicken the hair. Add pops of color such as blue, pale pink on blonde. Great for blending grays. See photo of Kimberly above.
  2. Soft ombre shades that appear as a sun kissed look all year around. Try sunshine lights, natural lights on pre-lightened hair.
  3. Tease him with the a hidden twist of color. This service allows clients to
    Indulge Salon York Pa, wella matte red with blush

    Wella matte red with blush

    enjoy the best of both worlds. Show him your sweet side then tease your true self with colors hidden beneath. These colors last about 24 washes. Try cool rose, tangerine dream, violet dawn, screaming pink, royal violet, orange snap.

  4. Matte Red is the new red. It doesn’t shout or scream, it softly seduces. She will feel adored. Own this color for yourself. We can combine a variety of customized reds with your matte reds. Indulge Salon, York, Pa is known for being the best color salon in York Pa for creativity and customization. Go to for a $15 off your first visit to any of our locations.

5. Curb shine appeal with crystal glosses that are easily combined with our permanent and demi-permanent shades that create luxurious sparkle to existing hair color. Suitable for all clients and starting with previously colored hair or non hair colored natural color. Great after highlights for a low commitment hair color experience.

6. Perk up your highlights with our deposit only color that is demi-permanent that just adds TONE. This color does not lift. It has a patented technology composed of glimmer lights that fill the empty spaces that cause the hair to look dull and lifeless. This low commitment haircolor fills in those empty spaces in the hair creating more SHINE. Wella calls this The Smart Selective Formula because it only acts on the highlighted or pre-lightened hair and guarantees brilliant shading or refreshing of blonde tones and other fashion highlights while giving intense shine.

Now is the time to try the new Color Touch Plus at Indulge Salon, York, Pa. Low commitment to blend gray hair up to 70%. Hair color can be combined with freehand lowlights to customize your hair color. Personalize it, blend it, and shine it up for 2016.  Make an appointment here. 

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