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Bridal Natural Hair Extensions

Dreaming of long hair for your wedding?

Try Bridal natural hair extensions for your wedding day! Come in with short hair and leave with long luxurious Dream Catchers hair extensions. You can swim, curl with tongs, curling irons, rollers or pull up or pull back into a soft ponytail to work out at the gym.

Bride-to-be came to Indulge Salon, York location for a consultation before her wedding. Her hair has always stopped around her shoulder length and wanted to have long hair for her wedding just like her relative whom had beautiful long blonde hair. She had her list:
1. wanted bra length
2. wanted thickness
3. needed volume
4. still wanted to pull her hair up without seeing the clamps around her hairline or the nape area
5. needed her hair to grow out with damage
In order to create the ultimate vision of thicker, fuller hair for her wedding in two weeks, we chose Dream Catchers Hair Extensions with clamps to be able to open and close them in about a month to reset pull them back up in a month without damaging her existing fine, thin hair. Kierstin’s hair would not likely grow naturally past her shoulders as a pattern so I had to create the fullness down around the baseline of her hair.
Part of the process of attaching Dream Catchers Hair Extensions is an engineered planning application process that is adhered to protect the natural hair. Indulge Salon trains all of staff in the installation of natural hair extensions, engineered planning of weight, texture and overall result the client is desiring.
Appointment considerations
We appreciate photos, pinterest, any ideas that help us understand what you want for your big day. We take into consideration how often you color, highlight, and manage your curling iron or heating tools. We will discuss in depth how you will maintain your hair every four weeks to return for your color touch up and maintenance on your hair extensions to care for these long term.
The Dream Catchers Hair extensions are the best investment because of the durability and quality of the hair. The clamps will be replaced long before the hair will be. As the hair natural hair extensions start to thin after maybe a year, we can replace the hair without a problem. If you get bored and want to try new colors, that is easy enough to replace or change out. After a period of time, we do  rotate the placement of the extensions to prevent  stress on the same natural hair that has been in same spot for too long. Long periods of time being 6 months to 1 year or more. We have not had any negative results since carrying and installing Dream Catchers Hair Extensions.
How to prevent tangling or knotting of natural hair extensions
We recommend that you sleep on a silk pillow case cover  to enable a “slip” instead of cotton pillow case that can cause natural friction therefore creating knotting, tangling around the ends of the hair, tension at the point of installation. Always use a large tooth comb or wet brush to comb out or detangle knots.
Before bed, utilize larger looped braids to help take the weight off the scalp where the attachment is located. Constant pulling and tugging can cause them to come out prematurely. Easy enough to reinstall, we would like to not have to do that frequently and prevent breakage at the scalp unnecessarily. Use scrunchies that are made of material vs the small nylon tight hair bands to prevent tension on the scalp or clamps. Pony tails that are looser to take weight off at night are best. I always say to rotate your ponytails on the top of your head to the right or to the left. These recommendations keep the hair healthy plus prevent your hair from breaking.
Caring for hair
To cleanse the hair, use a non sulfate shampoo and conditioner. If your scalp is dry, you only need a light cleansing shampoo for the scalp apply using up and down motions vs circular which can cause huge tangling problems if you have not maintained your extensions monthly. Dirt is normally at the scalp where it needs cleansed. Not necessary to over shampoo the hair.
Conditioning creams can only be used mid length to ends to detangle and moisturize. Stay away from the slick heavy moisturizers that cause weight. When hair is wet the weight of the hair increases. It takes some getting used to at first. MUST keep conditioner off the clamps or any hair extensions or they will loosen the seal where the hair is attached or they will slip out. This can be detrimental to the bride-to-be right before her big day.
Best to let hair dry! We do not recommend turban style towel drying. Bend over scrunch the towel with hair to blot the water out of it. The thicker remy hair will hold water and weight. The weight is the problem that causes undue stress and tension on the scalp. Squeeze the water out of the hair immediately when exiting the shower or bath.
Styling products can be used as normal. Thickeners on the scalp where the absence of clamps are used is fine. Dry shampoo, dry sprays are best for volume plus texture for the BIG DAY! Hair sprays are not a problem either. We suggest light argan oils, Wella Dark Oils can only be used on the very ends of the hair if necessary. Try not to use bobby pins or hair pins directly into the hair extensions.
All Dream Catchers Hair Extensions are from Scandinavia. Beautiful texture along with high quality from top to bottom strands. Minimal to zero fraying of strands. we back all of our hair 100%. If we see fraying we will replace those strands immediately provided you are managing your hair appropriately and reasonably after the consultation. If you have naturally oily hair we will not install Dream Catchers Hair Extensions unfortunately, the natural oil may cause the clamp to slip out. Oily hair requires a different type of extensions.
Can I have my bridal natural hair extensions cut?
The haircut charge is not included with the Dream Catchers Hair Extension installation. We utilize our French hair cutting methods to craft the haircut that is designed exclusively for you. Since the hair is processed, it can be coated with a silicone for shine causing the hair to be smooth and shiny. We need to texturize the hair in a way that is going to work for you and your styling. The hair that is installed will feel heavier than your hair.  Learning to work with your new hair can take some adjustment time. Indulge Salon offers workshops one-on-one to help you learn to work with your new hair extensions.  If you are great with your hair, we will go forward with length to the bra that comes in 22″ – 24″ but does cost more. If you are not the type of person that is good with styling your hair, we will recommend shorter and more voluminous  styles to make it easier for you to style.
Can I color my bridal natural hair extensions?
Dream Catchers hair extensions can be colored with multi tones in blonde, browns, caramels because they are human hair. We charge 65.00 + to retouch hair with extensions due to the fact we have maneuver around the clamps, fusions, beads, wefts to protect your hair and the Dream Catchers hair extension hair. We recommend that if you have your hair colored every four weeks that you stay on that schedule. Any longer time in between causes the hair colorist to manage the extended root color differently due to the overgrowth. any more than 1″ can be problematic plus expensive. Stick to the maintenance program and you will be fine. We will only guarantee our color and hair extension work not another salon’s work. Any of our hair extensionists can install the Dream Catchers hair extensions that are trained by Kimberly Acworth the Master Cosmetologist.
Installation costs approximate:
  • For volume no length $250-$500 +
  • Length and thickness $500 – $1000+ (price goes up for multiple colors)
  • Bra length requires more hair to make it look natural $1000 – $2500
  • Between bra and top of buttocks $3500 – $5000
  • Haircut ranges from $75 – $200 depending on the length. The average is $75 to $100
We  expect 50% down to pre-order customized hair. We will give you a gift card with the amount of your deposit. The balance is due at the time of service for hair extensions. All additional services such as haircolor, highlighting and the haircut are separate charges. We will provide all hair coloring services prior to installation of the hair extensions. Minimum 5-7 days prior up to the day of service. Hair coloring does not hurt the natural hair extensions.  Hair color can add additional texture therefore creating grip to hold extensions.
Hair extensions installation time:
  • installation to create volume allow 30 -60 minutes
  • Length and thickness to shoulder or over the shoulder 60 – 90 minutes
  • Bra length to buttocks averages 2 – 3 hours (if the hair is super short may require more time)
  • Cutting and styling allow an extra 1.5 hours for longer thicker lengths
Maintenance time:
  • every 4 weeks for color retouching  for new regrowth applied first
  • re-opening checking clamps for secure application pulling up them up to initial placement
  • allow 1 hour – 3 hours depends on length and volume
  • consult with hair extensionist for appropriate times

Maintenance Costs

  • $100 per hour to maintenance – if we have 2 extensionists available, we will work together to save you time and money
  • replacement of clamps are charged if destroyed or just broken down over time
  • hair color services are separate charge
  • blow dry styling afterwards if not getting a haircut is based on length, ranges from $50 – $75
  • some clients prefer to have their natural bangs cut – bang trim is $10
Please note – we may or may not be able to purchase more than 24″ of hair depending on demand from specialized manufacturers. We can get you bright rainbow colors on demand. The color may fade over long time plus how you manage the maintenance of shampooing with the right shampoo and conditioners.
We cut Kierstin’s Magush’s new hair extensions as we would her own hair so that she can curl, pull up, smooth and straighten with all of her blow drying accessories.  The hair will grow about 1/2″ per month normally and will need to be trimmed in areas that are more obvious to needing volume such as the bangs or top of the head and crown.
Dream Catchers has special clamps that have insulation inside of them made specially for fine hair to help protect hair that might be fragile.  We already chose the right color clamps that closely matched her hair so it would be not be detected in appearance whether she curled her hair or straightened it. We did a test by pulling the hair up on the sides, pulled it back into a pony tail to check all angles with confidence to prevent being obvious with her daily styling.
Kierstin felt beautiful when we were finished. If you would like to try hair extensions for your wedding day, contact at 717.846.4424 for a consultation.

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