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Meet Peco A New Stylist At Indulge Salon

Peco Interview –

Now introducing Fred “Peco” Wainwright!

Peco is our newest team member

Q: How long have you been doing hair?
A: 12 years in the salon, and 15 years beginning from high school.

Q: Before you did hair, what did you do? What’s your background?
A: Pre-hair life I’m a comic book nerd and a jock. I played football before which carried into college.

Q: What type of hair do you do?
A: Any hair that can be shampooed. I like short hair, straight hair, curly hair, afro hair, wavy hair. I’m not afraid of anything and have experience with all types of hair.

Q: What would you say are your favorite services?
A: Color definitely. I love how you can bring something onto a canvas and direct it into what you want. I love to cut since I started out as a barber.

Q: When we first talked, you mentioned that you love POP color.
A: Yes, I love teal, blue, red, purple.

Q: What can you explain about the barbering that you do?
A: You’re going to get the full experience when you come to me for barbering services. You’ll get someone who tailors your haircut to your face shape and your needs.

Q: What do you like to do outside of the salon that has nothing to do with hair?
A: Photography. I’m a pretty substantial amateur photographer. And, spending time with my family. We like to travel – family outings.

Q: What is the one hair tip that you will always stand by?
A: Don’t shampoo every day.

For detailed answers from Peco, be sure to watch the video above. For additional information about Peco and his background, please click here.

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