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We started at Indulge Salon York Pa carrying natural body care products out of necessity because my skin was so dry that I scratched till the skin bled. That became problematic for me since I tried other lotions and creams but they burned my skin when I applied them.

Safe body butter lotion bars are moisturizing on dry skin

After I had spent time with a formulator creating the most natural product, zero sulfates, zero chemicals, my skin started to feel better. Even after one use my skin started to heal in a way that I felt comfortable apply more of the Indulge Pure Originals lotion bar because it put a protective barrier on my skin that I didn’t need to worry.

As we progressed with the sales of our products with mom’s-to-be because the Indulge Pure Originals lotion bars are superior to prevent stretch marks. No chemicals. All organic the Gold bar that has shea butter, cocoa butter with zero grease feeling. We started out of necessity but grew into Indulge Pure Originals Moisturizing creams and lotions that are so good for the skin you could almost eat it. We don’t recommend that you eat it, however; if your pet licks it their fur will get most likely be moisturized.

layering our body care products gives the best resuults

Often times we found that our clients would only use one product and expect big results even though they loved our products. We recommend starting with our Indulge Pure Originals soap to cleanse the skin without SLS (ingredient that is horrible for the skin found in most soaps) We believe in the purest ingredients that cleanse with minimal lather for cleansing yet the aromatic approach gives us good feelings for the day. Then after rinsing the skin without the film on your body, we recommend trying one of our four lotion bars to use in the shower to moisturize while wet, then pat dry. Once you pat your body dry then use our Indulge Pure Originals Ultimate Moisturizer that goes on smoothly while the skin is warm. Our creams and lotions are meant to be used with warm skin so the product melts into your skin then when the skin cools off it will work more effectively for you to prevent dry skin. We have had successful results this way. the layering of products in the way to go.

Indulge Pure Originals is know for de-stressing bath salts

IPO Bath Salts

Indulge Pure Originals Bath Salts

Since 2011, our product offerings have grown to our signature bath salts. Clementine Spritzer (orangy bright and energetic),

Eyptian Musk (sexy, soft, de-stressing) Almond, Milk & Honey for relaxation. (sweet almond fragrance) Mix and match 8 oz for $8.00 each. Comes in a glass bottle for freshness.

We package all of products in a customized box that we are proud of. We do wholesale for licensed businesses. To see more of our products go here. Call if you  would like to try some of our products. 

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Indulge Pure Originals

Indulge Pure Originals Oatmeal soap

Citrus bliss Soap

Citrus Bliss Goats Milk Soap from Indulge Pure Originals

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