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If the dreary winter weather has you feeling blah, a bright new shade of lipstick might just be the answer! A pop of color on your lips can brighten your whole face and of course a good lipstick like the Youngblood collection we carry at Indulge Salon York, PA protects the lips from moisture loss. Indulge carries 20 luxurious, moisturizing shades of Youngblood lipstick that are lanolin-free and offer a […]

Handing in your resignation letter is uncomfortable. Let’s face it-You’ve planned it now for weeks, thought about what you were going to say, how you were going to say it, and even thought about a few “Office Space” walk out scenarios. The big day finally arrives, and it. Resigning from a position should feel, taste, and breathe bittersweet. It means you actually cared about what you did. You may […]

Are you the type of person who is always adventurous, outgoing, and ready to go at any minute? Or are you more like moi, in that, you are routine-oriented and settled into a lifestyle of set schedules and timed out days? Sometimes, it is due to our career choices and other times it’s due to our personalities, but sometimes we need to reach out of our comfort zones in order […]

Sometimes we want to be the background, the quiet listener, the all too silent one. the thing is…we aren’t always meant to be quiet, and, instead, we’re pushed out of our shells and into a position of leadership. Leadership roles do not always have to mean having a title at a high-end corporation. Leadership takes form in the simple tasks in life. For instance, while performing exceptionally at the gym […]

Sometimes we all are looking for someone to give us a pat on the back, a job well-done, or (gasp!) a raise of appreciation-monetary, of course. Perhaps we are just looking for someone to be as excited as we are about the new idea we have! Our bosses, friends, and family, however, are not always good at recognizing when we need to feel appreciated.What we fail to realize is that we […]

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