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Salon York PA Sometimes we all are looking for someone to give us a pat on the back, a job well-done, or (gasp!) a raise of appreciation-monetary, of course. Perhaps we are just looking for someone to be as excited as we are about the new idea we have! Our bosses, friends, and family, however, are not always good at recognizing when we need to feel appreciated.What we fail to realize is that we can pump ourselves up at any moment, if only we’re willing to try. With so many ways to feel appreciated, start appreciating yourself!

*Take a sticky note and write down three reasons you are amazing. Keep it in your pocket, stick it to your car’s sun visor mirror (you know you’re always checking yourself out, so have a few encouraging words while you’re putting on your gloss). The sticky note reminder of how great you are will certainly (and subconsciously) give you the boost needed in your day.

*Treat yourself-mini-blizzard from DQ will not hurt your strict cardio routine. Sometimes we need a delicious treat-something cool, tasty, and satisfying.

*Keep a diary-Yes, we’re all busy, but take 3 minutes to write down your accomplishments at the end of each day. At the end of the week, you’ll look back at all the things you did well during the week. Your heart will swell with joy!

*The Glass is ALWAYS half Full-If you find yourself always thinking negatively…replace those nasty thoughts with POSITIVE thoughts. As soon as a negative thought pops in your head, donate a quarter to the “Nasty Thought” fund. See how many quarters you collect at the end of the week. Then, donate it to a good cause (The Carson Foundation, your local food bank, your church, a safe house for women, etc). When you start to realize how many negative things you’re thinking during the day, it might make you realize how much you need to change your thinking.

*Be creative-Come up with your own way to begin appreciate all the amazing things you do every day, no matter how small.

At the end of the day, you are the boss of your life. Give yourself some props and start appreciating the wonderful person you turned out to be.

As always,

~Live your life…Full Throttle.

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