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Stop! While you’re ahead

Salon York PA I’m going to tell you a story, with which you may possibly relate.  I thought I’d jump out on a limb and allow my friend to color my hair. Mind you, my hair was in desperate need of attention. Picture this: regrowth about 4 inches out, split ends like nobody’s business, dry, absolutely zero (and I mean zero) shape, body, or volume, and I was in the mindset of “what’s the worst that could happen? It’s just hair…It can always be fixed”

Let’s go ahead and skip past my beating heart as she’s taking about 40 minutes to apply all-over color (red-burgundy) to my above-shoulder, fine, hair.  Keep in mind that all the while I was hearing the tick tock of the clock, I knew that my regular stylist would have had that color put on in 20 minutes or less and allowed me to process while I relaxed and read a gossip mag. Oh no! I should have had a sweat rag to mop up the perspiration from the longest wait EVER. As my friend was applying the finishing touches to my hairline (or whole forehead and ears), she told me I needed to sit and process for another 30 minutes. Ugh!

Okay…so 30 more minutes pass, and I finally get up, take a quick passing look in the mirror, and head straight to the bathtub. –Another Picturesque Moment: I literally felt like a dog getting washed. Apparently her faucet didn’t work, and the only thing that turned on was the shower head. So, as I’m leaning over the bathtub my friend straddles me, digs her hands into my reddish hair, and tells me to “hang on partner!” I bolt my eyes shut and pinch my nostrils. Not only did my hair get washed but my face, shoulders, and back were showered as well.

Finally, it was over. Now for the reveal. I dry my upper torso and hair and trudge over to the mirror. I flip my hair back and my forehead and neck look like I’ve been spotted with a giant sharpie pen. Yes, that was the first thing I noticed. Second thing I noticed, was my hair. Several tones (and not the blended kind) were running through my hair. The regrowth was a flaming beam coming from my scalp. I managed a smile for my friend who did.such.a.good.job!

And now for the point of the story–I will ALWAYS, I repeat, ALWAYS leave my coloring, cutting, waxing, and hair experimentation to the professionals at Indulge Salon in York, PA. There, I can expect timely service, unlimited gossip mags, friendly stylists and staff, and exceptional hair color. I can’t wait until my next Appointment (with my regular stylist, that is)

Now, it’s your turn! What was your turning point? What horrific experience made you go back to your saving grace?.

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