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Living Beyond Your Schedule

Salon York PA Are you the type of person who is always adventurous, outgoing, and ready to go at any minute? Or are you more like moi, in that, you are routine-oriented and settled into a lifestyle of set schedules and timed out days?

Sometimes, it is due to our career choices and other times it’s due to our personalities, but sometimes we need to reach out of our comfort zones in order to fully develop. Here’s a great example: I am completely routine-oriented, living by a schedule day by day, minute by minute.

I know exactly what time my alarm will go off tomorrow morning, the time I will get out of bed, the time I will get out of the shower, turn on my computer, and finish blow-drying my hair. Then, I will prepare breakfast, feed the cat, grab a snack, and grab the keys to walk out the door. I never leave any later than 8:00 am. Every. Day. Due to the nature of my job, I am always a month ahead, planning the next month’s activities and events. It is because of this that I am always following a schedule. Time seems to fly by faster when you’re always planning a month ahead.

I am not great at embracing change either, but this week I have completely gone out of my comfort zone! I am not a last minute planner, and I, frankly, do not like doing things differently unless it has been planned a couple of days in advance. But whoa! Look out! This week-already-I have made plans to go with a girlfriend out for dinner and margaritas (the morning of, I might add), and tomorrow I have plans to go to dinner with a couple of friends. May I remind you that I usually always go to bed at 10pm every night. I will certainly be pushing the borders of my routine this week. Therefore, I challenge you, dear readers, to step out of the box, forget about your routine, and do things out of order. Stay out late. Embrace the change! Don’t worry, your routine will be there the next day.


Be sure to comment below and let me know how you lived out of the box this week!

Always Remember–Live your life…Full Throttle!


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