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Leaders aren’t always born…They’re Made.

Salon York PA Sometimes we want to be the background, the quiet listener, the all too silent one. the thing is…we aren’t always meant to be quiet, and, instead, we’re pushed out of our shells and into a position of leadership. Leadership roles do not always have to mean having a title at a high-end corporation. Leadership takes form in the simple tasks in life.

For instance, while performing exceptionally at the gym yesterday, I met a group of ladies and a gentlemen, whose name I later found out to be “Snow”, and while doing chicken leg lifts, Snow announces that I will be keeping the count. Now, I much prefer a silent count in the depths of my head versus keeping everyone on track! I guess I couldn’t get out of the lead counter position and between gasps of air I somehow reached to the count of 25 on those horrible leg lifts. Let us not forget that we did three sets. Perhaps I was somehow put in that head counter position in order to push myself further and act as an example to the group of quickly fading ladies. After my buns and thighs had a few seconds of brief relaxation in-between uncontrollable muscle spasms, I had a moment to reflect on my little leadership position.  Sometimes we are meant for something bigger, not just to act as a person who leads, but because we need to push ourselves further than we would had we not been in front of a group.

When we feel that people look to us for leadership and direction, we have to push ourselves to our maximum capacity in order to motivate others to reach their full potential.  Next time you’re squatting it out at the gym and your trainer calls you to lead the count, take it as a step ahead, and a chance to reach your next level, not only in breathing while squatting, but also in the opportunity to influence others.

Think of it as one step further to living your life Full Throttle.

Share  your  little leadership experiences with me!


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