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Body waxing available at Indulge Salon, York Pa. If you have been curious about body waxing, this is the place to be. Our waxing specialists are very confident in what they can do for you. One of the most important things to think about before you consider any type of hair removal is what the goal of having your hair waxed? Do you want to have a smooth look while […]

I want to introduce you to our new Copacabana Collection of Balayage highlights named after six great locales around the world. Balayage is a method of hand painting highlights onto dry hair that are inspired by the shape of your hairstyle to mimic natural sunlight. Get your passport ready! Let’s travel first to Havana – a city that screams contrasts in over 500 years of architectural styles that combine neoclassism, […]

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There is nothing new about fashion and interior design inspiring and borrowing from one another. Think about the wild patterns of the 1960s and 1970s used in both wallpaper and dress fabric, or the bold, structured looks that became so prevalent in both how we dressed and decorated our homes in the 1980s and 1990s. Over the past few years we have seen the French technique of Ombre—a gradual transitioning […]

I love our Indulge Signature Color Collections and the Butter Rum Blondes collection is one of my favorites!  We offer it once a year from April 15-30. Great blonde colors with names like Hot Butter Rum and Creme Brulee … they even sound sexy – don’t they?! We offer a 15% discount on any of the colors in the Butter Rum Blondes collection, but hurry up and schedule an appointment […]

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I’m loving the extra daylight at the end of the days since we moved the clocks ahead, but boy is it ever hard to get going in the mornings when it stays dark until after 7:00am!!!   I remind myself as the alarm goes off each morning that it gets lighter just a little bit earlier every day, but I still hate to leave my warm, comfy bed before the first […]

My assistant is one of the most organized and detail oriented people I know. She actually has a checklist for holiday entertaining that starts 10+ days before the family dinner she is hosting. Now, these family dinners are no small ordeal … 12–15 people, family and friends, some of whom come for the weekend, gather for an extravagant meal at a table set with the family china and silver, stemware […]

Bayalage is a French term and hair coloring technique that literally paints strands of hair to appear as though it is reflecting light. The area at the curve of your head and toward the ends of your hair are slightly lighter to give a natural look of being in the sun. I like to mix up the width of the different strands being painted—some skinny, some chunky—for an even more […]

Sorry … I haven’t read the book, so there will be no discussion of sexual dominance or submission in this post. But in a series about color, I wanted to talk about what seems to be an often overlooked choice for hair color. For some people, gray hair is to be avoided at all costs! Growing up I remember the neighbor lady would pay her kids a nickel for each […]

Colour Explosion Party: T-12 days Red heads have a reputation for being temperamental, passionate, and wild! But the diverse shades of red, running from the deepest auburn to the brightest carrot top, show that no two are alike — in looks or personality! Let’s explore some other “red myths” and look at the benefits of red. Does it cost more to insure a red car? It probably costs a good […]

I am so excited about the upcoming  Colour Explosion Party at Indulge Salons that I am going to focus my blog entries for the next few weeks on color—just color. Color is perceived differently by each person, has an enormous impact in how it affects our attitude, and how it generally makes us feel.  Color Theory is the actual study of how color affects people, as individuals and in a […]

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