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Design Trends—Ombre part 1

There is nothing new about fashion and interior design inspiring and borrowing from one another. Think about the wild patterns of the 1960s and 1970s used in both wallpaper and dress fabric, or the bold, structured looks that became so prevalent in both how we dressed and decorated our homes in the 1980s and 1990s. Over the past few years we have seen the French technique of Ombre—a gradual transitioning of color—picking up more and more momentum.

You have likely seen Hollywood starlets sporting the blonde tips midway down their tresses. If you have a more conservative style, you might have thought “gee … I don’t know, that looks a little lazy … do you need a root touch up?” but just when it seemed the edgy trend may be over, it is appearing stronger than ever on the runway and in home décor.  Check out these home interiors and furniture that beautifully incorporate the technique for a fun yet sophisticated look. 

 Salon York PA Salon York PA Salon York PA Our guess is that with it as an emerging trend in these areas it will become more and more mainstream in hair color this year. After all, home décor trends last a bit longer than those in fashion and beauty so it’s likely to create more staying power and influence in those realms. Even the more conservative among you may be tempted to try some version of this now that you are seeing it everywhere else. Might we suggest more auburn or reddish tones in your brunette color if you are still resisting the blonde tips? 

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Next up we will discuss Ombre in nail art. Let’s face it, that doesn’t take anywhere near the same courage or commitment and it might just be a safe way for you to experiment with this exciting trend.


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