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Colour Explosion Countdown: T-15 days

Salon York PA I am so excited about the upcoming  Colour Explosion Party at Indulge Salons that I am going to focus my blog entries for the next few weeks on color—just color. Color is perceived differently by each person, has an enormous impact in how it affects our attitude, and how it generally makes us feel.  Color Theory is the actual study of how color affects people, as individuals and in a group. The science of it all is fascinating.

Over the next few weeks I will share little snippets of color facts like whether or not it is true that it costs more to insure a red car, how a pink drunk tank effects it’s “visitors,” and how color affects the taste of food.Salon York PA

But let’s not lose sight of how color plays such an important role in our looks. Is it true that blondes have more fun? I’m not sure, but there is a study that suggests they are paid more and marry wealthier men!  Did you know that redheads are more sensitive to pain? And how do we perceive greying on men differently than on women?

I’d love to get you involved in this conversation about color—whether you have questions about how to keep your color from fading so quickly, or stories about color choices gone bad—I really want to hear from you.  I might even be willing to put up with a dumb blonde joke or two.

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