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Party Planning

My assistant is one of the most organized and detail oriented people I know. She actually has a checklist for holiday entertaining that starts 10+ days before the family dinner she is hosting. Now, these family dinners are no small ordeal … 12–15 people, family and friends, some of whom come for the weekend, gather for an extravagant meal at a table set with the family china and silver, stemware (a red, a white, and ice water at each setting), the beautiful centerpiece, and of course the food.  She admits that despite her very best efforts to be organized, to be prepared, and to delegate, by the time she sits down to the main event meal—she is exhausted: thankful for the blessings being shared by friends and family and grateful for the love that surrounds them, but exhausted by the time it is all but cleaned up.

Salon York PA

Tomorrow is my 22nd Annual Colour Explosion Party. Part of me is exhausted just thinking I’ve been doing this that long! But ya know, the fun and excitement of this day every year carries me through. It’s grown into a bigger and better party every single year, and like with holiday entertaining, we’ve developed some checklists, and I’ve learned to delegate some important tasks to make it easier to enjoy. Shout out to the Indulge Salons awesome staff for all they do every day, but especially for this special day that we set aside for the Colour Explosion Party! I couldn’t do it without you!!

If you have an appointment to join us—I cannot wait to see you and hope you have as much fun as we do each year.

Check back in with us next week as I start a “spring clean” series!


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