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Indulge Salon, York, Pa hosts advanced hair cutting and hair coloring event November 5, 2017. Wouldn’t you love to be a part of the 2017 Fall/Winter hair trends by being a hair model? Owner of Indulge Salons, York Pa is hosting an advanced hair cutting and coloring workshop event on Sunday November 5th for stylists 10:00 – 4:00 p.m. We will be demonstrating new trends, new color techniques from one […]

This has been the most exciting year for haircolor to express one’s creative self. I have been faced with many “interesting” haircolor possibilities.  You know I was raised to believe that when someone had red hair or goth hair that they were considered lower or insignificant when I was in high school. As I grew older and actually have been in the business experiencing the amazing intellectual creative people expressing […]

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Is your online bank safe?  As far as history goes we are used to going into a bank developing a relationship with the bank teller and the loan officer. We actually cared about the teller and their kids learning about their family and vice versa. Relationships were about trust and knowing if someone had a good banking history with them and for years at a time. Fast forward to today, […]

I started re-reading a book by Rhonda Byrne called “The Power”. What I found was a really great chapter about relationships with others.What she says is Life presents everything to you so that you have choices as to whom and what you love. We have relationships with money, family, intimate partners, business associates and physical feelings towards things such as our cars, homes, furniture and stuff. As part of this […]

Project Runway popular televised show is bringing their one of their Alterna Creative Team Member’s Donnie Vasey to York Pa. We are hosting an event on Sunday April 6, 2014. Join us at our 970 S George Street location from 2:00 – 4:00. We are happy to have you pop in to take a quick peek! Donnie Vasey has been traveling all over North America delivering cutting-edge collections of hairstyles […]

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Spring 2014 is one of excitement and high glamour coming up with the Red Carpet runway. I say let’s join them with the red hair contrasting with orange or peek a boo color emerging out of the bangs. Sprigs of color are popping out everywhere for freedom of expression. If you have red hair this vibrant, no need to be a wallflower this season, flaunt it to the world how […]

I had to mention it again. What WERE YOU THINKING? Bad manners are running amuck at the airport awaiting the flight. Let me tell you this story about an older man that demonstrated his lack of manners. I am absolutely disgusted with people and their lack of manners with regards to others around them thinking their personal hygiene habits wouldn’t go unnoticed as they clip their nails with a nail […]

The new blushing reds by Wella Illumina have arrived. These stunning beauties start off with natural looking blah color and are turned into stunning models. This model has three different colors that are infused with golden blonde, a mixture of a copper with lighter blonde creating a more “apricot” color affect. The new color processes only take about 1 1/2 hours to actually figure out which colors are best for […]

Be cool as a cucumber this season. The weather has been warm and we have certainly seen some rain to nourish the rich ground. One of the primary nurses that watches over and cares for my son Carson, loves to make Cucumber Salad. Her version of it. She puts special onions and her magic sauce in it. My grandmother used to make it on the farm that creates special memories for […]

In my last post I talked about Ombre—the French technique that creates a gradual transitioning of color—and how it is becoming so much more prevalent in fashion and home décor these days. Check out this beautiful dining room and how the color transition calms the room in an almost lyrical way.  It’s beautiful isn’t it? Trendy and current, but by no means something that seems more appropriate for your daughter’s […]