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The secret to happiness and good skin by Indulge Salon

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Aristotle, Greek Philosopher contributed his thoughts toward others

I started re-reading a book by Rhonda Byrne called “The Power”. What I found was a really great chapter about relationships with others.What she says is Life presents everything to you so that you have choices as to whom and what you love. We have relationships with money, family, intimate partners, business associates and physical feelings towards things such as our cars, homes, furniture and stuff. As part of this gift we are given, we have the ability to choose what we love in people and we have the ability to turn away from what we don’t love.  We aren’t meant to manufacture love for qualities ina person you don’t love, but simply turn away without giving them any feeling.

Without giving them any feeling is not meant to hurt but to not give any energy towards that “feeling”. The feeling is what is energy either positive or negative. If you really don’t enjoy another persons qualities just relax about it and don’t hang out with them, don’t engage with them but you can respect them for who they are as a person. Be ok with someone else enjoying their gifts. This doesn’t mean that we are to argue with them or criticize or blame them in a personal relationship. I wanted to make a discerning point that if you have someone working for you that is not doing the job in the manner that you expect, you would want to be encouraged to walk them through what you expect not that you are trying to minimize them. We all have strengths and underdeveloped areas or areas that are not of interest.

My point today as Rhonda Byrne expresses that when you are a feeling of love then only the people who are on the same feeling frequency as you can come into your life. Some days you feel really happy, some days you are irritated and others you feel sad. You can be many versions of yourself. A person in a relationship with you can also have a variety of expressions within themselves. You must be happy to receive happy people into your life. We are not responsible for other people’s happiness. Everyone is responsible for themselves.

“Happiness depends upon ourselves”  by Aristotle (384-322 BC) Greek Philospher and Scientist

What does this have to do with your skin? Good question. If you are happy with yourself you are less likely to be sick or dis – eased of the body. When you are happy and your world is right, your skin glows with an aura. The skin cells and the body are more relaxed to repair itself during the night when you get the proper sleep allowing the body to do its job for you. Your body is designed to work for you to serve you to the best of what its given. When you drink that diet drink (guilty) or eat the sugary stuff, your body will not operate to its ultimate level because its working hard to get rid of the junk that you gave it. Remember that saying “garbage in and garbage out” the same goes for the attitude you have, the people you associat with, the food you it, the excersize you give it to help it run like a well oiled machine.

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take a long relaxing walk to de-stress yourself

take a long relaxing walk to de-stress yourself

When your body is in overdrive such as stress, fat that has accumulated around your waist and you feel fatiqued, get out there and take a walk, destress by walking off the mental stress which will turn your life around with simple physiology that I learned from Tony Robbins. Your body will respond and start the feeling good endorphins kicking in and the next instant your cortisol levels will go down and the benefits outweight the bad. 

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