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Constantly looking to moisturize your dry skin with a body butter bar moisturizer? Look no further! We have THE best moisturizer on the planet here at Indulge Salon. Many years ago, I had really dry itchy skin that seemed that nothing I used in the form of moisturizer, clinical moisturizer or lotion worked to get rid of the itchy skin. For weeks and months I would itch that area around […]

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Don’t forget – Mother’s Day is this coming Sunday. In addition to the great spa package on special for Mom that I mentioned the other day ($175 for an aromatherapy facial, spa manicure, and reflexology pedicure) we also have a sale on Indulge Pure Originals throughout the month of May. The Indulge Pure Originals line of soaps, creams, and moisturizers is made from only the best ingredients so that even […]

I love the way I look with a tan – the healthy glow on my face and bronze skin on my body.  I’ve shared with you my horror stories of being a teenager and slathering up with oil to attract as much sun as possible. But now that I am older, as much as I still love the look, SPF 30 is the first thing I apply to my face […]

I’m a sporadic spring cleaner. With random bursts of energy (or sometimes frustration …), I find myself tackling odd deep cleaning jobs in spurts.  Totally unplanned I’ll suddenly clean out the silverware drawer, wiping down all of the different compartments and replacing clean flatware, and then pleased with that minor accomplishment, I’ll move on to a kitchen cupboard. Anything but the plastic storage container cupboard — that’s beyond help in […]

I think I’m going to treat myself to this great little Neiman Marcus number! I love the classic cut and the sexy but sophisticated lines. The winter weather and dry heat are taking a toll on my skin though and pulling off this dress means I am going to need to pay a little extra attention to making my arms and legs soft, supple, and smooth—dry skin is not sexy!!! […]

Getting ready for your Valentine can be daunting. You may want to prepare to have a smooth flow to your date about 7 days prior to your special evening. To help prepare you for your evening’s festivities, we wanted to ensure that you have enough time to grow out the bikini area or if you want to go full out with the Brazilian experience by all means get ready. We […]

Goat’s Milk: The benefits There are many amazing articles on the benefits of Goat’s Milk. is an excellent resource for learning the benefits of Goat’s Milk Soap. Ph Level: Keeping a balanced Ph level is extremely important for our bodies to maintain a healthy weight with minimal, if any, issues. The Ph of Goat’s Milk soap  is like that of human skin, therefore, it helps combat invasions of unfriendly […]

The first rule of thumb is to stick with well known and established products. Get whatever samples you can. Some creams are very heavy and not suitable for use in hot and humid weather and you might not like the feel of them on your skin. Ask if you can use the product for 30 days with a money back guarantee if you don’t see results. Don’t believe the claim […]

Indulge Body Butters All Indulge Soaps and Body butter products are handcrafted for Indulge in small batches to ensure the freshest, highest quality products available. Soaps will continue to harden over time. They are moist and fresh and harden as they cure. Soaps with vanilla fragrance in them may continue to darken in color over time. This is normal and is a natural part of the moisturizer and soaps. The fragrance will not change. […]

You know when you put products on your skin and five minutes later and you have to reapply because it just hasn’t stayed. It’s like the cute football player that was really nice to look at but as soon as they open their mouth, your mouth drops open you want to give him back because it doesn’t have substance but was really nice to look at. This totally relates to […]