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Vegan Vs Animal Tested Body Butter moisturizing

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All Indulge Soaps and Body butter products are handcrafted for Indulge in small batches to ensure the freshest, highest quality products available. Soaps will continue to harden over time. They are moist and fresh and harden as they cure. Soaps with vanilla fragrance in them may continue to darken in color over time. This is normal and is a natural part of the moisturizer and soaps. The fragrance will not change. This information might be helpful about soaps.

Our Natural soaps are a customer blend of Coconut Oil Organic Sustainable Palm Oil, Castor Oil, for extra bubbles, and Palm Kernel Oil with Refined Shea Butter. This amazing soap is then scented with the finest fragrance oils, many of which are custom blends created by me! This soap has been created using more updated techniques vs the traditional soapmaking processes.

The Glycerin Soaps are contrary to what many people believe, glycerin is an amazing ingredient. Glycerin is actually a natural byproduct of the natural soapmaking process. It’s a natural humectant and emollient that absorbs moisture from the air and, therefore, helps keep moisture in. Glycerin is nontoxic, nonirritating and nonallergenic. In addition to the high end ingredients in the soap itself, many of our glycerin soaps also contain the added beenfits of cocoa butter, shea butter and other amazing oils and butters..

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