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Prevent, treat, and defy the signs of aging hair and skin

Salon York PA At Indulge Salon we can’t stop the aging process but we certainly can slow it down. While we have to realize that the type of lifestyle we lead can lend itself to speeding up the aging process. Late nights, too many cheese fries, grease pit food, not enough quality rest, stress, anger, boyfriend issues, husband issues, children, you name it, etc. can have major impact on our biological age.

Age is more than a number. Understand that in biological terms getting older has consequences that we really don’t like but must manage. Hair can thin out, grey hair gets wiry, dry, brittle and skin of course will lose it firmness and pigmentation. Those little spots on the side of your face or they first appear on your hands out of nowhere. There is hope for us, with some simple prevention steps we can fight the signs of again and maintain a youthful appearance. I am stunned with the general attitude of women expecting a quick fix to an aging process that has taken years to appear on the skin. If we do preventative measures by using the proper skin care regime on a daily basis, the effects of aging are minimized. A myth that if you use the same product that it works forever. That is an untruth.

Our body gets used to whatever we use on the skin and it will be minimized and not take in all the nutrients it once did therefore our benefits are minimized. However; by using updated products and customizing them for the season with serums that sink deep into the layers of the skin will give more benefits and longer lasting. The cremes will penetrate on the top layer to protect those serums that had deeply penetrated. There are reasons for these amazing Guinot skin care products we use that are time tested. If your skin care professional has not updated you and recommendations it might be time to reinterview some skin care professionals for new and improved products. We are always checking and comparing whether our products hold up against the newest “thing” on the market. The “newest” thing is not always the best answer. Most importantly, make sure you always have a SPF of 15 in your base skin care. This will help prevent hyperpigmentation (dark spots) fine lines, and broken capillaries and skin cancer.

We recommend that women over 30 use a full regime such as antioxidant masks, anti-aging night creams with a treatment serum underneath. These serums are like missiles that seek out the dry spots and they are programmed to zero in on increasing the collagen production as long as it has retinol in the ingredients.


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