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Body Butter Bar|Best moisturizer in a bar

Constantly looking to moisturize your dry skin with a body butter bar moisturizer?

Look no further! We have THE best moisturizer on the planet

Indulge Pure Originals Body butter Bar Cocoa

Indulge Pure Originals Cocoa Butter Gold Bar mosturizing bar

here at Indulge Salon. Many years ago, I had really dry itchy skin that seemed that nothing I used in the form of moisturizer, clinical moisturizer or lotion worked to get rid of the itchy skin.

For weeks and months I would itch that area around my ankles till I bled. Those folks that have dry skin like I did know exactly what I’m talking about. I found one of those old black rollers that older women used to put in their hair for hair sets. That little roller made the best scratcher ever! Even though I bled, it didn’t matter I just needed to relieve the itch. You can read more about this at Indulge Pure

The secret to non itchy skin organically proven is our body butter in a bar. It’s the best natural vegan moisturizer that will smooth onto your skin while you are in the warm shower. Melts into your skin before your skin has a chance to dry and close up the pores. The results are immediate when you use it. Indulge Pure Originals can be used outside the shower or bath as long as it is warmed up under water to ensure that it smooths onto your skin. Massage it in and ready to go.

Our body butter bar from Indulge Pure Originals is manufactured in the USA. We have 3 fragrances cocoa butter (natural fragrance), Citrus, and Coconut. None of these delightful bars conflict with your perfume. The moisturization lasts all day. Can be reapplied and builds on the layers of your moisturization.

Learn more here about Indulge Pure Originals products. These range from $10 – $12 per bar. We also have a non scented hypoallergenic body butter for our sensitive friends. Can be purchased in any of our locations.

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