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Fashion police at the airport? They should be.

Traveling hairstyles – what happened?

Would the fashion police capture you?

Does your hairstyle, makeup and dress reflect who you are when traveling? Hmm, think again. From what I saw, it looks like we as a beauty industry have some hardcore work to do. To those travelers that put some effort into their look, congratulations for keeping America beautiful.

I have to say that I wish I had taken a couple of photos of what I saw on my travels the past two days. Not pretty.

I travel back and forth from York, Pa to our Indulge Salon, Greensboro, GA location. I start off early in the morning around 4:00 a.m. to catch my flight by 6:00 a.m. I would tell you I love flying but what is the craze about rerouting gates at airlines beck and call? Scrambling to get my bearings on which gate to arrive at with a fear that my gate has changed. This happened to me Friday morning. I was hustling to get to the airport because I had a committment to clients in GA. Travelers have stress getting through security waiting on the couple that has several kids, the travelers that have their laptops, the shoes, the jacket, etc. I can tell you I’m getting the pass that lets you get through the easy lane. I digress.

If the fashion police were out, many people would have been taken into custody for a full out makeovers from head to toe. As the public pursues their career dreams enroute by plane, taxi, and just plain automobiles, many need to take a pit stop at their mirror before they leave the house. Is it becoming a trend to not do your hair anymore?

Let me be bold enought to describe to you what I saw…..

Uncombed hair for starters is to much for me to even watch from behind the person on a plane. I saw uneven haircuts that were complimented by brassy orange mixed with yellow striped highlights and to top it off the clothing were ill fitted to the person’s body and a lack of respect for themselves by not wearing makeup. I get the natural thing but when you are expected to be a professional, this might be a good time to even out the skin tone, wear some blush and certainly “put your LIPS on.”

Let’s top it off with the cell phones. EVERY single person I watched had a cell phone and their heads were down. I could see the top of their head and the color that was in it. I started a conversation with a guy that sat next to me in the lounge only because my charger went south. He was one of those power and authoriative guys that I figured would have some source to recharge my phone. I was right. He had about 3 types of charges in his backpack. Backpacks are the “thing” for both men and women. I told him, you have more stuff and gadgets in your bag than I do in my purse. My purse is not small. I could fit a small child in it. Just saying!

Speaking of sizes, Southwest requires that you only have 2 bags which include your purse. Well, my briefcase does not fit in my weekender bag so I was out of luck. I had to CHECK my bag. Not cool at all. I went to the person that checks your ticket and he does the manual counting of my bags. Did he think I was stupid and not count? Certainly, I understand that he wanted to make it clear he could count and that I needed to get to 2. I said ok waltzed over to the customer service counter to get my bag checked. I was informed that I could pick my bag up at the baggage claim.

Here’s the thing, as I walked onto the plane, I asked the attendant if they had room in the overhead compartments for a weekender bag. She asked the attendant in the back of the plane OVER THE LOUDSPEAKER if they had room in the back. Of course. I grab my bag off the ramp to then place it into the front of the plane in the over head compartment. There was room. Go figure. I sat between two gentlement that 1) didn’t smell (yeah, I usually get the smelly ones) 2) didn’t over talk which was even better. I found this trip to be successful as far as plane travelers. ‘

I believe that women and men could step up their game with their personal appearance. Years ago we used to dress up with skirts, jackets and blouses. Years ago it went to pj’s. Now, its workout outfits. I saw a cute grandmother about 80 years old with her sneakers and super tight workout yoga wear. Wow. Taking a few minutes in the morning will get you better service by those around you.

I love that the quality, uniqueness of what we do at Indulge Salon, York Pa and Greensboro, GA. Nothing can take away the pride that we feel about giving someone a great hair color, highlights, and a crafted haircut for their face shape and lifestyle. I believe that we make a difference in peoples lives. Thank you for allowing us to keep your skin in great shape, your eyebrows groomed to perfection, your hair on trend and lastly keeping those toes groomed.

If you put one of my Indulge personal clients out in the public, you could pick them out in a heartbeat. For this, I’m proud. To my clients, I say THANK YOU for making us look good while taking pride in your appearance to look your best.

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