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New Balayage Highlighting Tones Summer 2016

Balayage highlights are hitting the streets of York, Pa with our summer collection 2016

I have been inspired by our stylists creativity. Being in the hair industry as long as I have you see haircolor ideas and collections come and go. But the quality of long hair complimented with Balayage highlights as left me in awe.

One of our stylists, Taylor, has worked as an assistant moved up to stylist level and has been slammed with her specialty of balayage highlighting clients from medium length to longer lengths down to the tushy. She seems to have the gift of illuminating the clients color with contrasting shades of dark and light.

What’s interesing are the tones she has been creating with the help of Wella. Wella International haircolor company has developed brands of haircolor that is actually good for the hair. It heals the hair from the inside out instead of the outside in. I know that sounds confusing but the quality of haircolor has changed since I started in the business in 1984.

She has been mixing colors of violet that turn to a beautiful cooler champaign blonde with the dull ashy look. Cooler blondes mixed with warmer blondes with shots of a russet dark blonde. Try summer champaigne muted violet tones that are such a clear blonde with a hint of violet that is so soft and touchable. Caramel bronde is lovely shade going for medium to darker hair that can handle a mixture between brown and blonde. I mean the photos of before and after are stunning. If you get a chance go to our facebook page here to see some of her work.

                           Are balayage highlights for you?

Our professional hairstylists can use balayage to soft a color, shade in a sun kissed look on a bang or do some surface color to look like the sun kissed it. Natural looking without foil lines. It’s not quick. Chasta, a senior stylist for us at Indulge Salon south george st, enjoys colors such as desert rose. Now the girls give me a hard time about that color which I happen to love, thinks I need a pole to go with the name. Funny girls. Really desert rose has been the prettiest shade I’ve had on my balayage ends and of course I have to cover the natural gray hair that sprouts out every month.

Our stylists are passionate about our prestigious haircolor and the work they do. We work purposefully and we are totally opinionated about the art of haircolor. We actually can look at a person’s face to see where they need lighter areas to bring them wider and we can choose darker shades that can minimize a fuller face or rather a big boned face that needs to appear narrower. Similar to interior design we just do it with faces.

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