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Do you know what you are really putting on your body?

Salon York PA You know when you put products on your skin and five minutes later and you have to reapply because it just hasn’t stayed. It’s like the cute football player that was really nice to look at but as soon as they open their mouth, your mouth drops open you want to give him back because it doesn’t have substance but was really nice to look at. This totally relates to product ingredients. Just because it smells good and great fragrance doesn’t mean its a great product. There is great diversity in product ingredients that are going into the products at the mall. For example, the second ingredient on your ingredient label called Petroleum is an oil. The equivalent of putting motor oil on your skin. This will penetrate the top layer of skin.

The beginning listing of products on the ingredient label will be the highest concentration of the actual product. The least amount of the product will be in the ending of the list. Keep that in mind for those of you that love to read labels. I’ve had a thorough education in ingredients. I was stunned when I learned how to make our products. Yes, you have to have a thickener but do you really have to have all of those chemicals in products anymore? No you do not. I’ve learned that you have to have some products that will “bind” ingredients together to keep the product together in a form but not necessarily use harsh chemicals.

For example, a question that I get often is why do you have to have preservative? Of course, when you are placing your fingers into a tub of  moisturizer at the counter bacteria may have landed on your fingers without you even knowing it. Keep that in mind the next time you want to sample a product. Always use the spatula or dipping item to place the product in your hand. The preservative will KILL the bacteria that may linger after you are long gone. This ingredient will prevent bacteria causing agents to create pimples or other skin disorders that could develope. WE are careful at Indulge Salon with how we apply our products onto your skin.


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